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Day 2, Tuesday 23 September 2008
Building 14
MERIS Validation 2Chair: J-P. Huot (ESA)/P. Goryl (ESA)
08:40-09:00Performance of FAPAR Operational Products Derived From MERIS at the Full and Reduced Resolutions.Nadine Gobron (EC-JRC)
09:00-09:20Validation of the MERIS FAPAR L2 Products against Independent Estimates Derived from the MODIS and MISR Surface Albedo Operational productsBernard Pinty (EC-JRC)
09:20-09:40Multi-scale analysis and validation of the Envisat MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index (MTCI) in woodlandJadunandan Dash (University of Southampton)
09:40-10:00Validation of the aerosol product over landDidier Ramon (HYGEOS)
10:00-10:20Validating time series of a combined GPS and MERIS Integrated Water Vapor productRoderik Lindenbergh (Delft University of Technology)
10:20-10:40Atmospheric correction in presence of sun glint: application to MERISFrançois Steinmetz (HYGEOS)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break  
MERIS Ocean and Coastal Zones 1Chair: R. Doerffer (GKSS)/J. Fischer (FUB Institut fuer Weltraumwissenschaften)
11:30-11:50The MERIS TOA infra red similarity spectrumGerald Moore (Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
11:50-12:10Using MERIS and MODIS in a near real time, global ocean colour processing for operational applicationsJacques Stum (CLS)
12:10-12:30Operational data assimilation and marine forecasting based on ENVISAT data covering Danish waters (2006 – 2007)Lars Boye Hansen (GRAS Ltd)
12:30-12:50Coastal Processing Requirements and TechniquesCarsten Brockmann (Brockmann Consult)
12:50-13:10Optical classification of MERIS radiances at global and regional scales: implications for algorithm development.Mark Dowell (European Commission - Joint Research Centre)
MERIS Ocean and Coastal Zones 2Chair: R. Doerffer (GKSS)/J. Fischer (FUB Institut fuer Weltraumwissenschaften)
14:40-15:00New results from a global survey using MERIS MCIJim Gower (IOS)
presented by Stephanie King
15:00-15:20Using MERIS data to retrieve water components in the Pearl River Estuary, ChinaHong-Yan XI (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
15:20-15:40Estimation of inherent optical properties and water constituent concentrations from the remote-sensing reflectance spectra in the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuary, USA Leonid Sokoletsky (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
15:40-16:00The impact of sun glint on the retrieval of water parameters and possibilities for the correction of MERIS scenes Roland Doerffer (GKSS Research Center)
16:20-16:50Coffee Break  
MERIS Ocean and Coastal Zones 2 - continuationChair: R. Doerffer (GKSS)/J. Fischer (FUB Institut fuer Weltraumwissenschaften)
16:50-17:10Observation of Different Phytoplankton Groups and Biomass Using Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy on SCIAMACHY Data and Comparisons to in-situ, Global Model and MERIS algal-1 DataAstrid Bracher (Alfred-Wegener-Institute of Polar and Marine Research)
17:10-17:30On the importance of a band at 709 nmJim Gower (IOS)
17:30-17:50Monitoring Biodiversity in Central America Stefan Kleeschulte (GeoVille Group)


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