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Day 4, Thursday 25 September 2008
MERIS LandChair: J. Moreno (University of Valencia)/F. Baret INRA (INRA Bioclimatologie)
8:40-9:00Hyperspectral techniques to extract LAI from medium resolution MERIS superspectral dataFrancis Canisius (Canada Center for Remote sensing (CCRS))
9:00-9:20Inter-comparison of SEVIRI/MSG and MERIS/ENVISAT biophysical products over Europe and AfricaF. Javier García-Haro (University of Valencia)
9:20-9:40Supervised Crop Classification from Middle-resolution Multitemporal Images Lukas Brodsky (GISAT)
9:40-10:00Testing MERIS FR capabilities and limits to map forest classes in SpainDonata Pedrazzani (GMV Aerospace and Defence, S.A.)
presented by Julia Yagüe
10:00-10:20Remote Sensing Input for regional to global CO2 flux modellingWolfgang Knorr (University of Bristol)
10:20-10:40High spatial resolution fAPAR time course estimated from the combination of few SPOT images and frequent MERIS observationsJerome Demarty (EMMAH (INRA))
11:00-11:30Coffee Break  
MERIS Land - continuationChair: J. Moreno (University of Valencia)/F. Baret INRA (INRA Bioclimatologie)
11:30-11:50MERIS global land surface albedo mapsJürgen Fischer (FU Berlin)
11:50-12:10Land cover classification in Portugal with intra-annual time series of MERIS imagesHugo Carrão (Portuguese Geographic Institute)
presented by Mário Caetano
12:10-12:30Monitoring vegetation dynamics using MERIS fused imagesRaul Zurita-Milla (Wageningen University)
12:30-12:50Radiometric intercomparison of multi-spectral imagers over natural targetsMarc Bouvet (ESA / ESTEC)
12:50-13:10Diagnostic Assessments of Carbon Fluxes on European and Global ScaleMartin Jung (MPI-BGC)
MERIS/(A)ATSR SynergyChair: P. North (Swansea University)/C. Mutlow (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
14:40-15:00The determination of snow albedo using combined AATSR and MERIS observationsAlexander Kokhanovsky (University of Bremen)
15:00-15:20MERIS-AATSR Synergy for Cloud DetectionLydwine Gross-Colzy (Capgemini Sud)
15:20-15:40MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithms for Cloud Screening, Aerosol Retrieval and Atmospheric CorrectionPeter North (Swansea university)
15:40-16:00Cloud Screening Methodology for MERIS/AATSR Synergy ProductsLuis Gomez-Chova (University of Valencia)
16:20-16:50Coffee Break  
MERIS/(A)ATSR Synergy - continuationChair: P. North (Swansea University)/C. Mutlow (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
16:50-17:10The retrieval of cloud-top pressure using combined measurements of MERIS and AATSR Rasmus Lindstrot (Freie Universität Berlin)
17:10-17:30Estimating New Primary Production in Upwelling Areas from Space: A Case Study for the Benguela System using ENVISAT Satellite Data and a Model Dependent on the Phytoplankton Community Size Structure.Ana Silio-Calzada (Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche, CNRS)
17:30-17:50Atmospheric Correction of Sun Glint Contaminated MERIS ObservationsJürgen Fischer (FU Berlin)
19:00Workshop Dinner 


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