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Day 1, Monday 6 November 2006
Opening Session
9:00-9:15 Welcome Stephen Briggs (ESA)
9:15-9:30 Objectives and Logistics Jerome Benveniste (ESA)
The GOCE Mission I: Satellite Payload and PerformanceChair: Reiner Rummel
9:30-9:50GOCE Mission Objectives and RequirementsMark Drinkwater (ESA)
9:50-10:10Mission Development StatusDanilo Muzi (ESA)
10:10-10:40Spacecraft AttributesAlex Popescu (ESA)
10:40-11:00Mission PerformanceRune Floberghagen (ESA)
11:00-11:20 Discussion  
00 Session 1 Summary  
11:20-11:50 Coffee Break  
National, EC and ESA Project ActivitiesChair: Mark Drinkwater
11:50-12:10Predictions of the GOCE in-flight performances with the End-to-End System SimulatorGiuseppe Catastini (AAS-I)
presented by Stefano Cesare
12:10-12:30GOCE research in Germany: From sensor analysis to Earth system scienceReiner Rummel (Technical University Munich)
12:30-12:50Combination of spaceborne, airborne and surface gravity in support of Arctic Ocean sea-ice and MDT mappingRene Forsberg (Danish National Space Center)
12:50-13:10The OCTAS project, the geoid, the mean sea surface and and the mean dynamic topographyDag Solheim (Norwegian Mapping Authority)
13:10-13:30Integration of Altimetry and GOCE geoid for Ocean Modeling: Results from the GOCINA projectPer Knudsen (Danish National Space Center)
00 Session 2 Summary  
13:30-14:30 Lunch  
14:30-15:30 Poster Session Chair: Roland Pail
Poster Session: The GOCE Mission I: Satellite Payload and Performance 
The Accelerometers of the GOCE Mission Design, Integration and TestsTEAM GOCE GA&E (ONERA)
The Accelerometers of the GOCE Mission Objective milli EötvösTEAM GOCE GA&E (ONERA)
Alcatel Alenia Space-France's (AAS-F) Contribution to GOCEMax Bard & and AAS-F Gradiometer Team (Alcatel Alenia Space)
Poster Session: Scientific Exploitation of Data Products: Oceanography 
Use of oceanographic in-situ measurements and altimetry to assess the accuracy of present (GRACE) and future (GOCE) geoid models. Impact for the estimation of the ocean Mean Dynamic TopographyMarie-Hélène Rio (CLS)
Calibration/Validation of GOCE Measured Mediterranean Sea level Using Satellite Altimetry and GRACEJuan Jose Martinez-Benjamin (Technical University of Catalonia)
Estimation of the ocean Mean Dynamic Topography in the Mediterranean and Black Seas by combination of altimetry and GRACE/GOCE geoids Luciana Fenoglio-Marc (Darmstadt University of Technology)
New Geoid and Mean Sea surface for ocean circulationOle Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
VANIMEDAT Project: Decadal and Interdecadal Sea-Level Variability in the Mediterranean Sea and Northeastern Atlantic OceanAnanda Pascual (IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB))
Combining high resolution GOCINA topography with ARGO float dataDmitrii Sidorenko (AWI)
Estimation of the ocean Mean Dynamic Topography by optimal combination of a geoid model and along-track altimetric mean profilesPhilippe Schaeffer (CLS)
Gravity improvement of continental slope and shelf ocean modellingEric Jeansou (NOVELTIS)
GOCE Validation via Ocean State EstimationVanya Romanova (Universitaet Hamburg)
Poster Session: The GOCE Mission II: Ground Segment, Level I Products, Calibration 
Degradation in accuracy of gravity variations from CHAMP, GRACE, and GOCEJaroslav Klokocnik (Astronomical Institute Czech Acad. Sci.)
Evaluation of a GOCE combination modelSean Bruinsma (CNES)
Contribution of modern satellite tracking data to GOCE-based gravity solutionsOleg Abrikosov (GeoForschungzZentrum Potsdam)
Gravity gradients from mean sea level – data for validation and downward continuation of GOCE gravity fieldsWolfgang Bosch (DGFI)
Downward continuation of satellite gradiometry dataJuraj Janak (Slovak University of Technology)
Some Practical Issues of Upward / Downward Continuation of Gravity GradientsGyula Tóth (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Multi-resolution representation of the gravity field from a combination of GOCE and GRACE dataMichael Schmidt (DGFI)
Earth Explorer Missions Payload Data Segments: GOCEDaniela Bencivenni (ACS)
GOCE Level 1 products format presentationGOCE PDGS Support Team (SERCO-DATAMAT Consortium c/o ESA)
A regularized solution of boundary problems in combining terrestrial and satellite gravity field dataPetr Holota (Research Institute of Geodesy)
Scientific Exploitation of Data Products: OceanographyChair: Chris Hughes
15:30-15:50Global Eddy-Mean-Flow Interaction From High-Resolution Altimetry and GeoidLee-Lueng Fu (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
15:50-16:10How well do we know the mean ocean dynamic topography?Femke Vossepoel (IMAU)
16:10-16:30Quantifications of Ocean Mass Variation and Steric Sea Level Using GRACE and Satellite AltimetryChung-Yen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University)
presented by C.K.Shum
00 Session 3 Summary  
16:30-16:50 Coffee Break  
Scientific Exploitation of Data Products: Geodesy, Orbits and Inertial NavigationChair: Bert Vermeersen
16:50-17:10Satellite to Satellite Tracking Instrument (SSTI): Design and PerformanceAlberto Zin (Alcatel Alenia Space Italy)
17:10-17:30On a strategy for the use of GOCE gradiometer data for the development of a geopotential model by LSCArabelos Dimitrios (University of Thessaloniki)
17:30-17:50Broad-band gravity field mapping by GOCE and airborne gravityRene Forsberg (Danish National Space Center)
17:50-18:10Regional solutions from GOCE orbit information and gradiometry measurements considering topographic-isostatic modelsAnnette Eicker (University of Bonn)
00 Session 4 Summary  
18:10-20:00 Welcome Cocktail  
Day 2, Tuesday 7 November 2006
The GOCE Mission II: Ground Segment, Level I Products, CalibrationChair: Georges Balmino
9:00-9:10GOCE Payload Data Ground Segment OverviewEric Monjoux (ESA)
9:10-9:25From Telemetry to Level 1b: Architecture and Processing StrategyDiana De Candia (Advanced Computer Systems ACS SpA.)
9:25-9:40PDGS Overview: GOCE Level 1 products format presentationAlessandra Tassa (SERCO-DATAMAT Consortium c/o ESA)
9:40-10:10Organisation of GOCE Cal/Val and Product Quality Assurance ActivitiesRune Floberghagen (ESA/ESTEC, EOP-PG)
10:10-10:30The Basic Principles of the GOCE Gradiometer In-Flight CalibrationDaniel Lamarre (ESA)
10:30-10:50 Discussion  
00 Session 5 Summary  
10:50-11:20 Coffee Break  
11:20-12:10 Poster Session Chair: Juergen Mueller
Poster Session: Calibration and Validation 
A regional GOCE validation and combination experiment based on absolute gravity, deflections of the vertical and GPS/levelling dataNina Lux (Bundesamt für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG))
Improved kHz-SLR Tracking Techniques and Orbit Quality Analysis for LEO-MissionsWalter Hausleitner (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
GOCE GPS data processing at ESOCHenno Boomkamp (ESA)
Poster Session: Scientific Exploitation of Data Products: Solid Earth 
Exploitation of GOCE Data for a Local Estimate of Gravity Field and Geoid in the Regione Piemonte Area (Northern Italy)Riccardo Conte (Protezione Civile Regione Piemonte)
Comparison of the modelling of topographic and isostatic masses in the space and the frequency domain for use in satellite gravity gradiometryFranziska Wild (University of Karlsruhe)
Mascon solutions with GRACE and GOCE for Time-Variable Gravity RecoveryFrank Lemoine (NASA GSFC)
Geophysical and Petrological Applications of New-Generation Satellite-Derived Gravity data With a Focus on Hazardous and Frontier RegionsRon Hackney (Universitaet Kiel)
Poster Session: Tools and Algorithms 
Consolidating User Requirements for the GOCE User ToolboxPer Knudsen (Danish National Space Center)
GOCE User Toolbox Specification (GUTS) - System Specification and Architectural DesignKeith Haines (Reading University)
The GOCE User Toolbox: Toward a first prototypeMarie-Hélène Rio (CLS)
GOCE User Toolbox Specification: Scientific trade off study and algorithm specificationFrank Siegismund (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center)
Poster Session: GOCE Level 2 Data Processing 
Status of the GOCE High-level Processing Facility (HPF)Radboud Koop (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
On the use of gridded data to estimate potential coefficientsFederica Migliaccio (Politecnico di Milano)
Investigation of Velocities derived from Satellite PositionsHelmut Goiginger (Graz University of Technology)
GOCE Quick-Look Gravity Field Analysis (QL-GFA) in the Framework of HPFRoland Pail (Graz University of Technology)
Spherical Cap Regularization of GOCE normal equation systemsBernhard Metzler (Graz University of Technology)
Validation of GOCE Gravity Field ModelsThomas Gruber (Technical University Munich)
Data product validation by HPF's Central Processing FacilitySander de Witte (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
GOCE Rapid Science Orbit DeterminationJose Van Den IJssel (Delft University of Technology)
Generation and Validation of Orbit Products for the GOCE MissionDrazen Svehla (Technical University Munich)
Poster Session: The GOCE Mission: Operational Support Facilities 
GOCE Reference Planning Facility (RPF)Jose Antonio Gonzalez Abeytua (DEIMOS Space)
GOCE Performance Monitoring Facility (PMF)Jose Antonio Gonzalez Abeytua (DEIMOS Space)
Calibration and ValidationChair: Pieter Visser
12:10-12:30GOCE Calibration and Monitoring Facility (CMF)Jose Antonio Gonzalez Abeytua (DEIMOS Space)
12:30-12:50Quick Validation of GOCE GradientsFocke Jarecki (University of Hanover)
12:50-13:10GOCE gravity gradients for use in Earth sciencesJohannes Bouman (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
13:10-13:30In-flight validation and monitoring of gradiometric GOCE dataMichael Kern (ESA)
00 Session 6 Summary  
13:30-14:30 Lunch  
GOCE, Grace, Gravity Field ModelsChair: Tonie van Dam
14:30-14:50Status of GRACE missionByron Tapley (The University of Texas at Austin)
14:50-15:10Global Mean Gravity Field Models from Combination of Satellite Mission and Altimetry/Gravimetry Surface DataChristoph Förste (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
15:10-15:30Synergy of the GOCE and GRACE satellite missionsPavel Ditmar (Delft University of Technology)
15:30-15:50The Slepian approach revisited: dealing with the polar gap in satellite based geopotential recoveryNico Sneeuw (Universität Stuttgart)
00 Session 7 Summary  
15:50-16:10 Coffee Break  
Scientific Exploitation of Data Products: Solid EarthChair: Roberto Sabadini
16:10-16:30Coseismic Deformation Studies Using GRACE and GOCEC.K. Shum (Ohio State University)
16:30-16:50Constraints on Shallow Low-Viscosity Earth Layers from Future GOCE DataHugo Schotman (Delft University of Technology)
16:50-17:10How to combine GOCE and ground data?Isabelle Panet (IGN/IPGP)
presented by Michel Diament (IPGP)
17:10-17:30Ice mass loss in the polar regions of the Earth and mantle viscosity from GRACE dataValentina Roberta Barletta (University of Milan)
00 Session 8 Summary  
19:00-22:00 Social Event  
Day 3, Wednesday 8 November 2006
The GOCE Mission III: Mission Operations, Level 2 Products and User ServicesChair: Christian Tscherning
9:00-9:20GOCE Flight OperationsPier Paolo Emanuelli (ESA)
9:20-9:40The Status of the GOCE High-level Processing Facility (HPF)Radboud Koop (SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research)
9:40-10:00HPF Overview and How to Use GOCE Level 2 ProductsThomas Gruber (Technical University Munich)
10:00-10:20GOCE Data Announcement of OpportunityJérôme Benveniste (ESA)
10:20-10:40 Discussion  
00 Session 9 Summary  
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break  
Towards GOCE Level 2 ProductsChair: Reiner Rummel
11:10-11:30Rapid and Precise Orbit Determination for the GOCE SatellitePieter Visser (Delft University of Technology)
11:30-11:50The latest test of the space-wise approach for GOCE data analysisFederica Migliaccio (Politecnico di Milano)
11:50-12:10GOCE Gravity Field Analysis in the Framework of HPF: Operational Software System and Simulation ResultsRoland Pail (Graz University of Technology)
12:10-12:30Correlations, Variances, Covariances --- From GOCE Signals to GOCE ProductsWolf-Dieter Schuh (University Bonn)
12:30-12:50Covariance propagation for GOCE? Some thoughts and questionsGernot Plank (ESA)
12:50-13:30 Discussion  
00 Session 10 Summary  
13:30-14:30 Lunch  
Tools and AlgorithmsChair: Marie-Hélène Rio
14:30-14:50The GOCE User ToolboxJérôme Benveniste (ESA)
14:50-15:10Elementary Algorithms for Determining the Ocean Dynamic Topography From Altimetric and Gravity DataRory Bingham (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory)
15:10-15:30Optimal filtering of mean dynamic topography modelsPer Knudsen (Danish National Space Center)
00 Session 11 Summary  
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break  
15:50-16:50 General Discussion  
16:50-17:30 Closing Remarks ESA


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