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Fringe 2009 Proceedings


  Fringe 2009 Proceedings


March 2010

Fringe 2009

30 November – 4 December 2009 ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

Scientific Organising Committee
M. Crosetto, Institut de Geomatica, ES
R. Bamler, German Aerospace Center, DE
Y. Fukushima, Kyoto University, JP
M. Furuya, Hokkaido University, JP
R. Hanssen, Delft University of Technology, NL
S. Hensley, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
S. Jonsson, ETH Zurich, CH
R. Lanari, IREA-CNR, IT
C. Lasserre, Ecole Normale Superieure, FR
P. Lundgren, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
J. Mallorqui, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ES
E. Meier, University of Zurich, CH
A. Moreira, German Aerospace Center, DE
J.C. Mura, National Institute for Space Research, BR
B. Parsons, University of Oxford, GB
P. Pasquali, Sarmap s.a. CH
G. Peltzer, University of California Los Angeles, US
C. Prati, Politecnico di Milano, IT
G. Puglisi, NGV, IT
K. S. Rao, Kuwait University, IN
E. Rignot, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
F. Rocca, Politecnico di Milano, IT
H. Rott, Environmental Earth Observation, AT
S.P. Satyabala, National Geophysical Research Institute, IN
A. Shepherd, University of Edinburgh, GB
J. Sun, China Seismological Bureau, CN
D. Small, University of Zurich, CH J-C. Souyris, CNES, FR
G. Wadge, University of Reading, GB
U. Wegmüller, Gamma Remote Sensing AG, DE

Local Organising Committee
M. Engdahl, Y-L. Desnos, B. Rosich, ESA/ESRIN
E. Attema, N. Floury, A. Minchella, ESA/ESTEC

Publication Proc. of ‘Fringe 2009’
ESRIN, Frascati, Italy (ESA SP-677, March 2010)
Edited by H. Lacoste-Francis
ESA Communications
Published and distributed by ESA Communications
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
ISBN 978-92-9221-241-4
ISSN 1609-042X
Copyright ©2010 European Space Agency



Opening Session

GECA: ESA's Next Generation Validation Data Centre
Y.J. Meijer, T. Fehr, R.M. Koopman et al.

Future Missions & Sensors

Sentinel-1 Mission Capabilities
E. Attema, P. Snoeij, G. Levrini et al.

TanDEM-X Mission Concept and Status
D. Schulze, M. Zink, G. Krieger et al.

Interferometric Performance Aspects for TanDEM-L
F. De Zan

Posters (1)

InSAR and GPS Measurements of the 29 May 2008 South Iceland Earthquake Sequence
J. Decriem, T. Árnadóttir, A. Hooper at al.

Network Adjustment of Orbit Errors in SAR Interferometry
H. Bähr & R. Hanssen

Study of the Present-Day Tectonics and Seismogenetic Sources of the AL-Hoceima Region (Morocco) Using GPS and MTInSAR
P.J. González, M. Palano & J. Fernández

ALOS PALSAR ScanSAR Interferometry and its Application in Wenchuan Earthquake
C. Liang, Q. Zeng, J. Jia et al.

Detection of Co-and Postseismic Displacements from Large Earthquakes with ALOS/PALSAR
M. Hashimoto, Y. Fukushima, M. Enomoto & Y. Fukahata

An Attempt to Detect Secular Deformation Associated with the Subduction of the Philippine Sea Plate with ALOS/PALSAR
M. Hashimoto & Y. Fukushima

Modeling of Deformation Sources Based on a Non-Linear Inversion Approach
B. Massa & L. D'Auria

Earthquake Precursors Assessment in Vrancea Area, Romania, by Satellite and Geophysical In-Situ Data
M. Zoran

Surveying Deformation of Yutian Ms7.3 Earthquake Using Multimode ASAR Data and Simulating the Co-Seismic Deformation Filed
X. Cui, Q. Zeng, C. Liang et al.

Earth Tides and Earthquakes
T. Kansowa & A. Tatnall

Radar Time Series Analysis over West Anatolia
M. Arikan, A. Hooper & R. Hanssen

A Statistical-Cost Approach to Unwrapping the Phase of InSAR Time Series
A. Hooper

Temporal Phase Unwrapping Using Bayesian Inference
M. Caro Cuenca & R.F. Hanssen

A Bundle Adjustment Calibration Method Based on Weighting of Feature Points
S.-t. Han, M.-s. Xiang & L.-d. Wei

Deformation Monitoring Using SAR Interferometry on the Azores within Exupéry Project
X. Cong, C. Minet & M. Eineder

Phase Preserving Algorithms for Sentinel-1 Focusing
A. Monti Guarnieri, R. Barstow, D. D’Aria et al.

Near Real-Time Monitoring of Displacements with the Ground Based SAR IBIS-L
S. Roedelsperger, M. Becker, C. Gerstenecker & G. Laeufer

Interferometry, Vegetation, and SAR Integration Time
S. Hobbs & D. Bruno

Merging of an EET CInSAR DEM with the SRTM DEM
U. Wegmüller, A. Wiesmann & M. Santoro

Improving the Density of Coherent Pixels in DInSAR with Multiple Images Techniques Employing Band and Polarimetric Combinations for Deformation Monitoring
P. Blanco-Sánchez, L. Pipia, F. Pérez & R. Arbiol

Deformation Analysis Employing the Coherent Pixel Technique and Envisat and ERS Images in Canary Islands
A. Arjona, D. Monells, J. Fernández et al.

On the Applicability of an Advanced DInSAR Technique near Itoiz and Yesa Reservoirs, Navarra, Spain
A. Arjona, M.A. Santoyo, J. Fernández et al.

DARIS (Deformation Analysis Using Recursive Interferometric Systems) A New Algorithm for Displacement Measurements Though SAR Interferometry
A. Redavid & F. Bovenga

A Function Model for Predicting the Detectable Deformation Gradient by D-InSAR
M. Jiang, X.L. Ding, Z.W. Li & L. Zhang

Comparative Study of Two Different PS-InSAR Approaches: DePSI vs. StaMPS
J.J. Sousa, A.J. Hooper, R.F. Hanssen & L.C. Bastos

TerraSAR-X Interferometric Observations of the Recovery Glacier System, Antarctica
D. Floricioiu, N.Yague-Martinez, K. Jezek et al.

Automatic InSAR Systematic Processing and Web Based Tool for Efficient Data Mining: Application to Volcano Monitoring in Africa
N. d'Oreye & G. Celli

Posters (2)

Using Permanent Scatterer InSAR to Monitor Land Subsidence Along High Speed Railway – The First Experiment in China
D. Ge, Y. Wang, L. Zhang et al.

Generation of Digital Terrain Models from Multiple SAR Airborne Surveys over Forested Areas
S. Tebaldini, G. Gatti, M. Mariotti d’Alessandro & F. Rocca.

Detection of Localized Surface Deformation Using a Modified StaMPS Algorithm
A. Schunert, M. Even, U. Sörgel & K. Schulz

Large Scale Deformation Monitoring and Atmospheric Removal in Mexico City
A. McCardle, J. McCardle & F.L.G. Ramos

Modified Stacking and SBAS Algorithms for Mapping of Ground Deformation in Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand with ALOS PALSAR
S. Samsonov, K. Tiampo, K. Joyce et al.

Radar Interferometry for Monitoring Land Subsidence Due to Over-Pumping Ground Water in Crete, Greece
S.P. Mertikas & E.S. Papadaki

Exploiting Polarimetric Information for Vegetation Structure Retrieval
S. Tebaldini, A. Monti Guarnieri & M. Mariotti d’Alessandro

On the Use of C-and X-Band SAR Data for Studying the Ground Deformations Induced by the April 6th, 2009 Earthquake in Abruzzo
D.O. Nitti, F. Bovenga, F. Rana et al.

Comparative Analysis of InSAR Digital Surface Models for Test Area Bucharest
I. Dana, V. Poncos & D. Teleaga

ERS-Envisat Cross-Interferometry Results over Egypt
U. Wegmüller & M. Santoro

ERS-Envisat Cross-Interferometry Results over the Mackenzie River Delta, Canada
U. Wegmüller, M.Santoro & T. Strozzi

Change Detection by Interferometric Coherence in Nasca Lines, Peru (1997-2004)
A.B. Ruescas, J.M. Delgado, F. Costantini & F. Sarti

Integration of InSAR and GPS for Vertical Deformation Monitoring: A Case Study in Faial and Pico Islands
J. Catalão, G. Nico, R. Hanssen & C. Catita

Differential InSAR Monitoring of the Lampur Sidoarjo Mud Volcano (Java, Indonesia) Using ALOS PALSAR Imagery
A. Thomas, R. Holley, R. Burren et al.

InSAR Measurements of Flank Stability at Cumbre Vieja Volcano, La Palma (Spain)
R. Holley, A. Thomas, Z. Li et al.

Comparison of Two Methods In Multi-Temporal Differential Interferometry: Application to the Measurement of Mexico City Subsidence
Y. Yan, M.P. Doin, P. López-Quiroz et al.

Ground Deformation Monitoring in Cultural Heritage Areas by Time Series SAR Interferometry: The Case of Ancient Olympia Site (Western Greece)
Is. Parcharidis, M. Foumelis, K. Pavlopoulos & P. Kourkouli

Subsidence Monitoring in Northern Bohemia by Method of Permanent Scatterers
B. Knechtlova, L. Halounova & I. Hlavacova

Analysis of PSInSARTM Data for Landslide Studies from Regional to Local Scale
D. Notti, C. Meisina & F. Zucca

Subsidence and Deformation Phenomena in the Vicinity of Thessaloniki (N. Greece) Monitored by Envisat/ASAR Interferometry
A. Mouratidis, P. Briole, M. Ilieva et al.

On the Statistical Properties of Persistent Scatterers Location to Discriminate Landslide Predisposing Factors
G. Nico, S. Oliveira, J. Catalão & J.L. Zêzere

DInSAR Applications for Deformation Monitoring
D. Teleaga, V. Poncos & J. Lichtenegger

Natural and Man-Made Deformation Around Geothermal Fields on the Reykjanes Peninsula, SW Iceland
M. Keiding, A. Hooper, T. Árnadóttir et al.

A New Approach to the Use of DInSAR Data to Study Slow-Moving Landslides over Large Areas
L. Cascini, G. Fornaro, D. Peduto et al.

Investigation of Subsidence in the Manfredonia Gulf (Southern Italy) Through Multitemporal DInSAR Techniques
M. Triggiani, A. Refice, D. Capolongo et al.

Multi-Temporal L-Band SAR Interferometry Confirms C-Band Spatial Patterns of Subsidence in the Ancient Wieliczka Salt Mine (Unesco Heritage Site, Poland)
D.O. Nitti, L. De Vitis, F. Bovenga et al.

Subsidence Detection Using InSAR and Geodetic Measurements in North-West of Iran
M. Sedighi, S. Arabi, H.R. Nankali et al.

InSAR Used for Subsidence Monitoring of Mining Area OKR, Czech Republic
M. Lazecký

Differential SAR Interferometric Technique for Land Subsidence Monitoring Due to Groundwater Over-Exploitation in the Hashtgerd
N. Ashrafianfar, W. Busch, M. Dehghani & P. Haghighatmehr

Persitent Scatterer SAR Interferometry Applications on Landslides in Carpathians (Southern Poland)
Z. Perski, T. Wojciechowski & A. Borkowski

GIS Based Suitability Evaluation of the Differential Radar Interferometry Method (D-InSAR) for Detection and Deformation Monitoring of Landslides
S. Plank, J. Singer, C. Minet & K. Thuro

Long Term Continuously DInSAR for Volume Change Estimation of Land Deformation
J. Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, M. Shimada, P.-P. Mathieu & H.Z. Abidin

Monitoring of Large Scale Volcanic Deformations in the Andes Using Geodetic Time Series (DInSAR, GPS and Microgravity)
D. Remy, J.L. Froger, S. Bonvalot et al.

GlobVolcano: Earth Observation Services for Global Monitoring of Active Volcanoes
S. Borgström, M. Bianchi, W. Bronson et al.

Application of DInSAR Techniques to the Monitoring of Intermittent Slope Movements in the Southern Apennines of Italy
F. Calò, M. Parise, M. Ramondini & V. Singhroy

Combined Session Summaries

List of Participants