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 Day 5, Friday 04 December 2009  


Future Missions & Sensors

Evert Attema - Sentinel-1 Mission Capabilities

Betlem Rosich - Sentinel-1 Ground Segment Overview, Operational Products and Interferometric capabilities

Daniel Schulze - TanDEM-X Mission Concept and Status

Gerhard Krieger - Tandem-L Formation

Francesco De Zan - Interferometric performance aspects for Tandem-L


Session Summaries

Summary on InSAR General

Summary on Atmosphere InSAR

Summary on Earthquakes & Tectonics

Summary on L'Aquila Earthquake

Summary on DInSAR

Summary on PSI

Summary on Advanced Topics

Summary on Ice & Snow

Summary on Volcanoes

Summary on Thematic Mapping & DEMs

Summary on Terrain Subsidence & Landslides

Summary on Future Missions & Sensors