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 Day 4, Thursday 03 December 2009  


Thematic Mapping & DEMs

Maurizio Santoro - Examples of thematic mapping with ERS-ENVISAT Tandem cross-interferometry

Paolo Pasquali - ERS-Envisat Tandem Cross-Interferometry Campaigns: first results of CInSAR processing and studies over extended areas

Antje Thiele - Fusion of InSAR and GIS data for 3D building reconstruction and change detection

Fernanda Ramos - Use of Information derived from radar Remote Sensing (RADARSAT-1 Interferometry and SRTM MOSAIC) for mapping neotectonic activities in the region of Manaus (Amazonas state, Brazil)

Urs Wegmüller - DEM Generation above 60° North using ERS ENVISAT Cross-Interferometry


Terrain Subsidence & Landslides

Federico Minati - Terrain Movements Determination on the Whole Italian Territory from ERS/Envisat Data by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: The Pst-A/2 Project

Raffaele Nutricato - MORFEO PROJECT: C- and X-band SAR Interferometric analysis over Alpine regions (ITALY)

Sami Samiei-Esfahany - Complex Subsidence Signal Induced by Gas and Salt production in Friesland, the Netherlands Observed by Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Tazio Strozzi - Radar interferometric observations of destabilized rockglaciers

Maryam Dehghani - Hybrid Conventional and Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry for Land Subsidence Monitoring in Southwest Tehran, Iran

Anuphao Aobpaet - Land subsidence evaluation using INSAR time series analysis in Bangkok metropolitan area

Bernhard Rabus - Monitoring CO2 sequestration with a network inversion InSAR method

Ryoichi Furuta - Case Study of Small Scale Surface Deformation Detection using ALOS PALSAR Differential Interferometry

Ferdaous Chaabane - Ground subsidence estimation around Tunis City using Permanent Scatterers technique

Michele Manunta - ERS-ENVISAT deformation time-series analysis: an unique opportunity to investigate long term surface deformation of large areas

Magdalena Czarnogórska - PSI analysis of ground deformations along the south-western coast of the Gulf of Gdansk (Poland)

Geraint Cooksley - Terrafirma-X: A pan-European ground motion hazard information service