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 Day 3, Wednesday 02 December 2009  



Mark Simons - A multiscale approach to InSAR time series analysis

Victor D Navarro-Sanchez - Improving the selection of pixel candidates in differential SAR interferometry by a polarimetric optimization
Workshop presentation

Nan Ge - Deriving High-Resolution Non-Linear Deformation Time Series from TerraSAR-X Interferograms with the Method of Least Squares
Workshop presentation

Yajing Yan - Combination of differential interferometry and sub-pixel image correlation in measurement of displacement field of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake
Workshop presentation

Jordi J. Mallorqui - Performance comparison of ERS/ENVISAT versus TERRASAR-X for urban subsidence monitoring: MURCIA case study

Shimon Wdowinski - Small Temporal Baseline Subset Analysis (STBAS): An InSAR technique for multi-temporal water level monitoring in wetlands
Workshop presentation

Francesco Casu - Pixel-Offset SBAS analysis: a tool for the investigation of deformation time-series with large dynamics

Alessandro Spata - SISTEM: a new approach to obtain three-dimensional displacement maps by integrating GPS and DInSAR data
Workshop presentation



Michele Crosetto - PSI validation results and open issues

Petar Marinkovic - Ambiguity Dilution Of Precision (ADOP) as a quality measure for Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Lei Zhang - Least Squares Solution of Small Sample Multiple Master PSInSAR Systems
Workshop presentation

Fabrizio Novali - The Second Generation PSInSAR approach: SqueeSAR

Mario Costantini - A general formulation for robust integration of finite differences and phase unwrapping on sparse multidimensional domains
Workshop presentation

Stefan Gernhardt - TerraSAR-X High Resolution Spotlight Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
Workshop presentation


Advanced Topics

Fabrizio Lombardini - Experiments and Advances of Tomo and Diff-Tomo Techniques for Complex Non-Stationary Scenarios

Stefano Tebaldini - Algebraic Synthesis of Forest Scenarios from SAR data: Basic Theory and Experimental Results at P-Band and L-Band
Workshop presentation

Zhu Xiaoxiang - Very High Resolution SAR Tomography via Compressive Sensing
Workshop presentation

Sergi Duque - Bistatic SAR Tomography: Methodolgy Analysis and Indoor Experimental Results


Ice & Snow

Paolo Pasquali - Monitoring of sea ice dynamic by means of ERS-Envisat Tandem Cross-Interferometry
Workshop presentation

Urs Wegmüller - ERS ENVISAT Tandem data over sea and shelf ice
Workshop presentation

Noel Gourmelen - Ice velocity determined using conventional and multiple-aperture InSAR

Kate Briggs - Evaluating the importance of DEM resolution for glaciological applications in the Zackenberg region of northeast Greenland

Steven Palmer - High variability in seasonal acceleration of the Greenland Ice Sheet due to routing of surface water

Aleksey Sharov - Mapping and interpreting glacier changes in Severnaya Zemlya with the aid of differential interferometry and altimetry
Workshop presentation



Sigurjon Jonsson - The 2009 Magmatic Intrusion and Faulting in Harrat Al-Shaqah (Lunayyir), western Saudi Arabia, Observed by InSAR

Paul Lundgren - InSAR analysis of ALOS, Envisat, and TerraSAR-X observations of Kilauea volcano

Gidon Baer - Evolution of magma-driven continental rifts revealed by InSAR: The 2009 Harrat Lunayyir, western Arabia example

Andy Toombs - Removing lava flow subsidence signals from deformation interferograms at Nyamuragira volcano

Valerie Cayol - InSAR displacements associated with the November 2006 eruption of Nyamulagira

Ian Hamling - Can stress transfer explain the spatial pattern of magmatism along the Dabbahu rift segment, Afar, Ethiopia?

Tim Wright - InSAR analysis of ALOS, Envisat, and TerraSAR-X observations of Kilauea volcano

Juliet Biggs - InSAR Observations of Magmatic Processes in the Eastern Branch of the East African Rift (Kenya/Tanzania)

Aurelien Augier - The April 2007 eruption at Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion Island, imaged with ENVISAT-ASAR and ALOS-PALSAR data

Giuseppe Puglisi - Mt. Etna 2008-2009 eruption: a model from the integration of GPS and DInSAR data

Andrew Hooper - Is Magma Generated Due to Retreating Ice Caps, Likely to Erupt? Constraints on Lower-Crustal Stress in Iceland From InSAR

Thomas R. Walter - Longevity of a large magma body beneath Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia, as constrained by surface lineaments, stress models and InSAR

Zhong Lu - INSAR study of the 2008 eruption at Okmok Volcano, Alaska

Carolina Pagli - Inflate, Pause, Erupt, Recharge: the 2008 Alu eruption in the Erta Ale volcanic system (Ethiopia)

Sang-Ho Yun - The effect of DESDynI mission on volcano deformation modeling