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 Day 2, Tuesday 01 December 2009  


Earthquakes & Tectonics

Gilles Peltzer - Fault permeability and poroelastic triggering in the January 9-22, 2008 Nima-Gaize (Tibet) earthquake sequence

Isabelle Ryder - Inferences of normal fault structure and properties for six earthquakes in Tibet from InSAR

Marie-Pierre Doin - Visco-elastic rebound of the lithosphere around the lake Siling Co in Tibet : An InSAR study

Hua Wang - Large-scale crustal velocity field of western Tibet determined by InSAR

Nicolas d'Oreye - Was the February 2008 BUKAVU seismic sequence associated with magma intrusion?

John Elliott - Extension in Tibet: Recent Normal Faulting measured by InSAR & Body-Wave Seismology

Gareth Funning - Mapping the extent of fault creep along the Hayward-Rodgers Creek-Maacama fault system using PS-InSAR

Magdalena Niemiec - Mapping terrain deformations after the 20 and 27 December 2007 Bala (Ankara, Turkey) earthquakes with SAR interferometry
Workshop presentation

Jianbao Sun - Postseismic deformation monitoring and modeling of the 2008 Mw7.9 Wenchuan, China earthquake, constrained using GPS and InSAR measurements

Eric Fielding - Kinematic Fault Slip Model for the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan-Beichuan Mw 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan, China from ALOS, Envisat, GPS and Teleseismic Data

Cristiano Tolomei - Intersismic deformation along the Messina normal fault, measured by means of SBAS ERS/ENVISAT time series

Marta Bejar-Pizarro - Asperities, barriers and transition zone in the North Chile seismic gap: State of the art after the 2007 Mw 7.7 Tocopilla earthquake inferred by GPS and InSAR data
Workshop presentation

Andrew Hooper - Comparison of Monte Carlo Methods for Model Probability Distribution Determination from SAR Interferometry
Workshop presentation


L'Aquila Earthquake

Marco Chini - Deep-seated Gravitational Slope Deformation (DSGS) triggered by the 2009 LAquila earthquake detected by X-band DInSAR

Richard Walters - The 2009 L'Aquila Earthquake (Central Italy): a source mechanism and implications for seismic hazard

Simone Atzori - The April 6th 2009, LAquila (Italy) earthquake: DInSAR analysis and seismic source model inversion

Francesco Guglielmino - High resolution 3D displacements maps of the LAquila earthquake by applying SISTEM method to GPS and ENVISAT and ALOS DInSAR data
Workshop presentation