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 Day 1, Monday 30 November 2009  


Opening Session

Yves-Louis Desnos - Workshop Opening Address

Marcus Engdahl - Workshop Objectives and Organisation

Henri Laur - Opportunities for InSAR and CInSAR from Envisat, ERS-1/2 and Sentinel-1

Nuno Miranda - ERS-2 and Envisat SAR Instrument Status

Wolfgang Lengert - ESA Supersite initiative

Yasjka Meijer - GECA: ESAs next generation validation data centre
Workshop presentation

Andrea Minchella - NEST: the ESA toolbox for scientific exploitation of SAR data


InSAR General

Petar Marinkovic - NEST-DORIS, InSAR extension for NEST

Ramon Brcic - Delta-k Wideband SAR Interferometry for DEM Generation and Persistent Scatterers using TerraSAR-X Data
Workshop presentation

Fabio Bovenga - Multi-Chromatic analysis of InSAR data: Validation and potential
Workshop presentation

Alessandro Parizzi - First Results from Multifrequency Interferometry - A comparison of different Decorrelation Time Constants at X, C and L-band
Workshop presentation

Piyush Agram - The edgelist phase unwrapping algorithm and its application to time-series InSAR
Workshop presentation

Oriol Monserrat - A tool for 2+1D phase unwrapping: application examples
Workshop presentation

Workshop presentation


Atmosphere InSAR

Andrea Monti Guarnieri - Atmospheric Phase Screen in Ground Based RADAR: statistics and compensation
Workshop presentation

Steffen Knospe - Atmospheric error, phase trend and decorrelation noise in TerraSAR-X differential interferograms
- Covariance analysis and Geostatistical simulation

Workshop presentation

Rachel Holley - InSAR Atmospheric Effects Over Volcanoes - Atmospheric Modelling And Persistent Scatterer Techniques

Alberto Refice - On the use of anisotropic covariance models of atmospheric DInSAR contributions
Workshop presentation

Pedro Mateus - Approaches to mitigate atmospheric artefacts in SAR interferograms: GPS vs. WRF model
Workshop presentation

Zhenhong Li - InSAR/GPS integrated techniques for precise deformation mapping

Daniele Perissin - The MM5 numerical model to correct PSInSAR Atmospheric Phase Screen
Workshop presentation

Shizhuo Liu - Network-based estimation of APS based on LSQ adjustment and testing conditioned with MERIS
Workshop presentation

Eric FIelding - MERIS and OSCAR: Online Services for Correcting Atmosphere in Radar

Nazzareno Pierdicca - Atmospheric water vapour effects on SPACEBORNE Interferometric SAR imaging:
an experiment to compare ground-based measurements, SPACEBORNE radiometers and numerical weather prediction model at different scales