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Table of Contents

Operational Monitoring of Coastal and Marine Environment With Spaceborne Sar Systems: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going
Christopher Wackerman and Johnny Johannessen

The Sar Measurement of Ocean Surface Winds: an Overview
Frank Monaldo, Vincent Kerbaol and the SAR Wind Team

Using Satellite Sar in Offshore Wind Resource Assessment
B. R. Furevik, C. B. Hasager, M. Nielsen, T. Hamre, B. H. Jřrgensen, O. Rathmann, and O. M. Johannessen

The Correction of Surface Layer Wind Speeds for Atmospheric Stratification and Height
Ralph C. Foster, Todd D. Sikora and George S.

Estimation of Small-scale Wind Fields from Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
David R. Lyzenga General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

A Projection Method for Automatic Estimation of Wind Vectors With Radarsat Sar Imagery
Christopher Wackerman , William G. Pichel , Pablo Clement-Colón

High Resolution Ocean Surface Wind Fields Retrieved from Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radars Operating At C-band
Jo chen Horstmann and Wolfgang Koch

Sar Wind Fields for Offshore Wind Farming
Tobias Schneiderhan, Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth, Susanne Lehner, Jochen Horstmann

The Sar Measurement of Ocean Waves: Wave Session Whitepaper
S. Lehner and F. J. Ocampo-Torres

Estimation of Two-dimensional Ocean Wave Spectra from Envisat Asar Wave Mode Data Using a Maximum a Posteriori Approach
J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, S. Lehner

Validation of the Asar Wave Mode Level 2 Product Using Wam and Buoy Spectra
Harald Johnsen, Geir Engen, Bertrand Chapron

Status Report on the Remote Sensing of Current Features By Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
Roland Romeiser, Susanne Ufermann, and Stefan Kern

Hot-spots of Internal Wave Activity Off Iberia Revealed By Multisensor Remote Sensing Satellite Observations - Spotiwave
A. Azevedo, S. Correia, J.C.B. da Silva and A.L. New

Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Sea Surface Doppler Measurements
B. Chapron , F. Collard , and V. Kerbaol

On Radar Imaging of Ocean Phenomena
V. Kudryavtsev

Sar Measurement of Sea Ice Parameters: Sea Ice Session Overview Paper
Robert A. Shuchman, Dean G. Flett

Sea Ice Mapping Using Envisat Asar Wideswath Images
Stein Sandven, Kjell Kloster, Helge Tangen, Tommy S-Andreassen, Harvey Goodwin, and Kim Partington

Automated Location of Ice Regions in Radarsat Sar Imagery
Christopher Wackerman , William G. Pichel , Pablo Clement-Colón

Routine Production of Sar-derived Ice and Ocean Products in the United States
William G. Pichel, Pablo Clemente-Colón, Cheryl Bertoia, Michael Van Woert, Christopher C. Wackerman, Frank Monaldo, Donald R. Thompson, Karen S. Friedman, and Xiaofeng Li

Operational Use of Sar At the Canadian Ice Service: Present Operations and a Look to the Future
Dean G. Flett

Sea Ice Geophysical Measurements from Seasat to the Present, With an Emphasis on Ice Motion: a Brief Review and a Look Ahead
Benjamin Holt and Ron Kwok

Validation of Sar Ocean Data Products and Verification of Process Models Used for Sar Interpretation
Ian Robinson and Susanne Ufermann

User Requirements for Sar Data in the Coastal and Marine Environment
C. O'Mahony, V. Cummins, N. Dwyer and J. A. Johannessen

The Terrasar-l System and Mission Objectives
Manfred Zink

Terrasar-x for Oceanography ­ Mission Overview
S. Lehner, J. Horstmann, J. Schulz-Stellenfleth, A. Roth, and M. Eineder

A Brief Overview of the Advanced Land Observing Satellite (alos) and Its Potential for Marine Applications
Ake Rosenqvist, Daisuke Ichitsubo, Yuji Osawa Akihiro Matsumoto, Norimasa Ito and Takashi Hamazaki

Saocom ­ 1 Argentina L Band Sar Mission Overview
Alberto E. Giraldez

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