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Third Chris Proba Workshop 2005
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3rd CHRIS Proba Workshop 2005 - Presentations
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Opening Session
Chairman: B. Hoersch
Welcome & Introduction B. Hoersch
Overview of the Proba Mission and Mission Operations at Redu E.Tilmans
Proba mission integration within Esrin Multi-Mission Ground Segment G.Pittella
CHRIS Data Acquisition in 2004 P. Fletcher
Session 1: CHRIS Geometric and Atmospheric correction
Chairman: Mike Cutter
CHRIS Data Products - latest status M. Cutter
Advances and limitations in a parametric geometric correction of CHRIS/PROBA data L. Alonso
Quality and Information Content of CHRIS Hyper-Spectral Data B. Aiazzi
Methods for the surface reflectance retrieval from CHRIS/PROBA data over land and inland waters L. Guanter
CHRIS performance evaluation: signal-to-noise ratio, instrument efficiency and data quality from acquisitions over San Rossore (Italy) forestry test site AP. Marcoionni/ I. Pippi
Atmopheric Effects Correction of CHRIS data acquired over San Rossore for their assimilation in biochemical models I. Pippi
Geometric and Radiometric Pre-processing of Chris/proba Over Mountainous Terrain M. Kneubühler
Geometric Correction of Chris Proba Data Stéphane Mbaye
Cloud Masking Scheme Based on Textural, Morphological, and Physical Features Morphological J. Calpe
Exploitation of Proba Chris/hrc Data in the Context of the International Charter on "Space and Major Disasters" F. Sarti
Session One Summary  
Session 2: Land processes & Forests I
Chairman: Mike Barnsley
Estimation of vegetation photochemical processes: an application of the Photochemical Reflectance Index at the San Rossore test site F. Magnani
Analyses of hyperspectral and directional data for agricultural monitoring using a canopy reflectance model-progress in the Upper Rhine valley and Baasdorf test-sites H. Bach
Assessment of LAI retrieval accuracy by inverting a RT model and a simple empirical model with multiangular and hyperspectral CHRIS/PROBA data from SPARC F. Vuolo
Estimation of vegetation photochemical processes from CHRIS-PROBA data A. Bourguignon
Leaf Area Index Map Generation Using Chris Data C. Nadeau
Assessment of Hyperspectral and Sar Remote Sensing for Solid Waste Landfill Management S. E. Hobbs
Session Two Summary
Session 3: Land processes & Forests II
Chairman: J. Moreno
Estimation of forest biophysical characteristics through coupled atmosphere-reflectance model inversion using hyperspectral multi- directional remote sensing data. A contribution to future forest inventory strategies J. Hill & M. Schlerf
The TIGER Programme D. Fernandez, (M. Govender)
On the Stability of Ground Calibration Targets : Implications for the Repeatabilty of Rs Repeatabilty of Methodologies Methodologies T. Milton
Proba Chris Contribution to the Bacchus Precision Farming Investigation F. Del Frate
Development and implementation of remote sensing techniques for long-term monitoring of Biological Soil Crusts (BSCs) B. Weber (by B. Hoersch)
KOMPSAT & PROBA CHRIS Joint Experiments for further Applications Y. Kim (by B. Hoersch)
Validation of the directional multispectral forest reflectance model and estimation of forest parameters by model inversion A. Kuusk
Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation from PROBA/CHRIS Data: Methods, Analysis of Angular Effects and Application to the Land Surface Emissivity Retrieval Jiménez-Muñoz
Wild fires risk in the Extremadura's Regional Park & Archeological exploration using CHRIS/PROBA imagery P. Martinez
CHRIS data is support of carbon dynamics studies at Harwood Forest UK P. Lewis
Session Three Summary
Session 4: Inland and Coastal Waters
Chairman: S. Lavender
High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing of the Plymouth Coastal Waters S. Lavender
Chlorophyll and Suspended Matter Maps from CHRIS imagery of a small inland water body in Oostende (Belgium) B. van Mol
The The Application of CHRIS Data to the Multi- temporal & Multi-angular Study of Near- shore Marine Bathymetry R. Merton
Use of CHRIS for Monitoring Water Quality in Selected Reservoirs A. Ruiz-Verdu
Mapping water constituents in Lake Constance S. Miksa
CEDEX Proposal for “Use of CHRIS imagery for Monitoring Ecological Water Quality in smallest Mediterranean Reservoirs integrated in the Intercalibration Exercise of WFD Implementation Process” R. Peña-Martínez
Session Four Summary  
Session 5: Session conclusions and discussion & 2005 Data Acquisition Plan
Chairman: B. Hoersch
Session summaries - see separate sessions All Session Chairmen
Acquisition Plan 2005 P. Fletcher

Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry