ASAR Background regional mission analysis

Jorge Del Rio Vera(1) , Henri Laur(1) , and Olivier Barois(1)

(1) ESA, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy


The ASAR instrument is one of the most demanded instruments on board ENVISAT, with five modes and different choices in terms of polarization and pointing angle it has revealed information about earthquakes, volcanoes and many other physical phenomena. This has been possible not only thanks to the user requests but also to the background regional mission (BRM). As the number of user requests is not enough to optimize the use of the ASAR, it is needed a background plan for, in absence of user orders, taking advantage of the sensor. The percentage of the time that ASAR is acquiring due to user requests is approximately a 20% of the total, so the importance of the BRM is crucial.

ASAR BRM is described and analysed in order to provide users a perspective of what are the objectives of the BRM, showing what is covered by ASAR BRM and what represents the BRM respects to the user requests. Also some examples of what has been obtained thanks to the BRM are given focusing in the interferometric applications of ASAR, in this line a description of the interferometric search feature in EOLI-SA is done. To complete the picture of ASAR, the coverage of archived products and its density is also presented.



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