Deformation fields of city with SAR interferometry (DINSAR and PSI): key examples from buttes Bergeyre and Chaumont area in Paris city (France)

Benoît Deffontaines(1) , Nicolas Sambourg(1) , Roger Cojean(2) , Alain Arnaud(3) , Bénédicte Fruneau(1) , Anne-Marie Prunier-Le Parmentier(4) , Nicolas Classeau(1) , and Jean-Paul Rudant(1)

(1) Université de Marne-la-Vallée, 5 bd Descartes , 77454 Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2, France
(2) Université de Marne-la-Vallée, 5 bd Descartes, 77454 Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2, France
(3) Altamira Information, C/ Roger de Llúria, 50, àtic B, E-08009 Barcelona, Spain
(4) Inspection Générale des Carrières, 1 place Denfert Rochereau, 75014 Paris, France


Based on a preliminary experience on monitoring vertical deformations due to underground work in the St Lazare-Condorcet area (Fruneau B. et al., 1998, and 2000), our study concerns the buttes Chaumont and Bergeyre area (North of Paris) during the 1993-2004 period. DINSAR and PSI methods, combined with precise geological studies lead us to evidence the spatial extension and the magnitude of deformations that affect the topography. Classical geotechnical and geological fieldwork were proceed in order to analyse and interprete the revealed deformation field.

We confirm first local sinkholes due to gypsum dissolution at depth which affects several buildings. Secondly we delimited precisely unknown surficial landslides on the western and southeastern flanks of the Buttes.

One major interest is to better know the deformation behaviour through time at a centimetric scale for a huge amount of points (more than 10.000) in the studied area. Major tendencies were then explained even if local misfit or discrepencies persist.

Therefore, our aim is not only to present a method for monitoring topographic displacements in cities, but also to show the perspectives given by this integrated approach.


Fruneau B., Rudant J.P., Obert D., Raymond D., Small displacement detected by SAR interferometry on the city of Paris (France)., Proc 2nd Int. Workshop Retrieval of bioand geo-physical parameters from SAR data for land applications, 21-23/10/98, ESTEC, ESA SP-441, 557-563, 1998.

Fruneau B., Sarti F., Detection of ground subsidence on the city of Paris using radar interferometry : isolation of deformation from atmospheric artifacts using correlation, Geophys. Res. Lett., 28, 3981-3984, 2000.



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