Parametric Estimation and Model Selection Based on Amplitude-Only Data in PS_Interferometry

Nico Adam(1) , Richard Bamler(1) , Michael Eineder(1) , and Bert Kampes(1)

(1) DLR, Muenchnerstr. 20, 82234 Wessling, Germany


The PS-Interferometry (PSI) invented at POLIMI allows to monitor subsidence effects with millimetre accuracy and has meanwhile developed into an operational method. Nevertheless, the improvement of this powerful surveying technique is subject of the current work. On the one hand the subsidence estimation accuracy and on the other the permanent scatterer (PS) density can be improved. The implemented algorithm contributes to both. The two practically most important scatterer configurations can be detected by a parametric estimation. I.e. a single realistic scatterer can be distinguished from two dominant point scatterers inside a resolution cell.

The implemented algorithm is suitable for operational processing systems for several reasons. Firstly, the proposed technique uses the scene's amplitude only and can consequently be applied at a very early stage of the PSI processing. All the following algorithms can take advantage from the derived information. Secondly, the estimation is robust regarding misregistration and radar return calibration inaccuracies of few outlier scenes.


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