Phase unwrapping using Brunch-cut and Markovian Model

Mounira Ouarzeddine(1) and Aichouche Belhadj-Aissa(1)

(1) USTHB, BP N32 El Alia, Bab Ezzouar, El Alia, Alger, Algeria


Applying a phase difference between SLC SAR radar images acquired on the same zone , radar interferometry is able to measure the topography or ground movements with a good precision. Howerver because the interferometric phase is wrapped in the interval [-,[ this technique needs to go throw the step of the phase unwrapping which is still critical especially in Differencial interferometry where precision is estimated with millimeter. Phase unwrapping is very important for Digital Elevation Models generation because it decides on their quality. We present in this work a phase unwrapping method based on the brunch cut method and the Markovian model. It is based on residue localisation and it proceeds to their effect neutralisation to avoid them in the unwrapping step. Brunchs are connected and the unwrapping step is done using the Markovian Model. The method has been tested on simulated and real interferograms. Results are quite good.

Key words: Phase unwrapping, Brunch-cut, Markovian Model.



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