Advanced differential interferometric SAR:

Paz Fernandez(1) , Paola Vallone(2) , Marta Agudo(3) , Oriol Monserrat(3) , and Erlinda Biescas(3)

(1) University of Granada, Edificio Politécnico Campus de Fuentenueva s/n , E-18071 (Granada), Spain
(2) University of Palermo-Dept of Geology and Geodesy, Via Archirafi 22, 90123 (Palermo), Italy
(3) Institute of Geomatics, Campus de Castelldefels, Av. Canal Olímpic s/n, E-08860 (Castelldefels), Spain


The paper will present the results achieved over different test sides located in Spain with the advanced DInSAR (ADInSAR) chain developed at the Institute of Geomatics. Most of the results are related to Cat-1 project N. 1382, which is titled “Monitoring land subsidences caused by aquifer system compaction and mining activities: applications to the Murcia and Catalonia regions (Spain)”. This paper will only be focused on the discussion of the results of the ADInSAR land deformation monitoring. A companion paper, titled “Coherence and PS-based Advanced DInSAR analysis tools” and that will be presented in the same conference, discusses the used DInSAR tools. The paper will illustrate two main AD-InSAR applications:

1)The detection of unknown deformation phenomena over given wide areas, where the technique is used as an “early detection tool”. This type of application takes advantage of the wide area coverage of the spaceborne SAR systems. Since this application is mainly focus on the early detection of unknown phenomena, usually it does not require a very accurate analysis.

2)The quantitative analysis of deformation phenomena that are already known. This type of analysis always require data redundancy, i.e. the use of multiple SAR images (observations) over the given deformation phenomenon at hand. Data redundancy represents the key factor to achieve a quantitative D-InSAR deformation monitoring.

The discussed results, which were derived with both ERS and Envisat data, include the following types of applications: - urban subsidences, due to water extractions and constructions works, - land deformation due to mining activities,- landslides.



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