Accuracy Validation of Digital Elevation Model Extracted from SIR-C/X Polarimetric Interferometric SAR Data

Erxue Chen(1) , Zengyuan Li(1) , Yong Pang(1) , and Tian Xin(1)

(1) Chinese Academy of Forestry, Yi He Yuan Hou, Haidian District, 100091, Beijing, China


Three passes of SIR-C/X SAR L band full polarization single look complex (SLC) data were acquired for the same imaging area in the western region of Hetian district, Xinjiang Vygur Autonomous Region of China in Oct. 7, Oct.8 and Oct. 9 of 1994. In addition, two scenes of Landsat TM/ETM+ data, one Land cover map and some sheets of 1:50000 topographic maps and corresponding DEMs were collected. Three-stage tree height inversion methodology was adopted to derive bald earth surface elevation, and the resulted digital elevation mode (POLinSAR-DEM) will be compared with the Digital Surface Model (INSAR-DSM) generated by common INSAR data processing method. The accuracy of the POLinSAR-DEM and that of INSAR-DSM will be validated with filed collected differential GPS points and the available DEMs produced using traditional photogrammetric measurement. This study is one contribution to DRAGON, the international cooperation programme jointly organized by National Remote Sensing Center of China (NRSCC) and European Space Agency (ESA).



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