Interferometric capabilities of ALOS PALSAR and its utilization

Ryoichi Furuta(1) , Masanobu Shimada(1) , Takeo Tadono(1) , and Manabu Watanabe(1)

(1) JAXA, Office Tower X 22F, Triton Square, Harumi-Island, Tokyo 104-6023, Japan


JAXA's new land observing satellite, Advanced Land Observing Satellite: ALOS, will be launched in JFY2005. ALOS carrying L-band SAR, PALSAR, has capability to derive InSAR/DInSAR products from repeat pass acquisition data of each 46 cycle days. Observation modes of PALSAR were screened to six modes out of 132 combining 18 different off-nadir beams for strip SAR and five observation modes, i.e., FBS (Fine Beam Single), FBD (Fine Beam Dual), DT (Direct Transmission), SCANSAR, and polarimetry. They are FBS of 21.5°, FBS of 34.3°, FBS of 41.5°, FBD of 41.5°, SCANSAR (short burst), and POL of 21.5°. PALSAR has the opportunity of global coverage in 3 times par year by FBS/FBD mode, and once a year by ScanSAR mode. From this acquisition, we will provide Digital Elevation Model, DEM, by InSAR processing. It defined high level product. Moreover, we will derive deformation maps of global area and/or local area with the DInSAR processing.

DInSAR technique applicability is expanded to various fields in present day. Especially, utilization in disaster monitoring and mitigation is expected. Monitoring of crustal deformation of the pre- and post-earthquake gives scientific knowledge of earthquake mechanisms and volcanic monitoring is also. Monitoring of landslides and subsidence has capability to mitigate severe disaster and support decision-making. Moreover, InSAR processing is providing high accurate and fresh DEM of disaster area and supporting deformation detection and it takes information of the topography of disaster area. This information will assist in disaster relief activities. In addition, DEM by InSAR processing w ill be useful in the field of topology, geology and resource surveying.

In order to clarify the utilization of InSAR/DInSAR technique of ALOS PALSAR, InSAR/DInSAR technique was applied to various studies using JERS-1 SAR. ALOS PALSAR overview and its strategy are introduced and the examples of InSAR/DInSAR products are introduced.


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