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BEAT Training Course

Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT) Training Course

The Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT) allows scientists to access atmospheric remote sensing data from instruments such as GOME, GOMOS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY, and OMI, using an easy-to-use, unified, high- performance software library. The BEAT library is complemented by the VISAN environment that enables analysis and visualisation of data.

A BEAT training course will be offered during the conference at a "Beginner" and an "Advanced" level. The overall goal is to show how BEAT and VISAN can assist in answering concrete scientific questions. Both the Beginner and Advanced courses will use a running example of NO2 retrieval intercomparison between co-located SCIAMACHY and OMI data.

The Beginner course will introduce VISAN and BEAT Layer-II, which together allow for easy ingestion, analysis, and visualisation of satellite data. We will also show the "Product Browser" included in VISAN that allows inspection of all data within a product.

The Advanced course will focus on BEAT Layer-I - the so-called "Direct Product Interface" - that provides access to all information contained in remote sensing product files, at the highest possible performance.

The courses also provide the opportunity to talk to the BEAT developers, who can help you get started using BEAT for your particular scientific interest. You are also encouraged to share your wishes for future development.

The courses will take place in the ESRIN Training Room where Conference participants can have BEAT ' hands on ' experience on dedicated training PCs.

The Beginner course is scheduled for May 09 from 11.00-12.30

The Advanced course is scheduled for May 11 from 11.00-12.30

There are 24 places available in each module.
Please register here if you want to participate.


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