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The 3rd International Geohazards Workshop
2007 GGOS Workshop
Outline Programme
Organising Committee
Contact Points
List of Participants


  Organising Committee of the 3rd International Geohazards Workshop  

Marc Paganini
European Space Agency
Hiroshi Fukuoka
ICL, International Consortium on Landslides
Giovanni Rum 
GEO, Group on Earth Observations
Nicola Casagli
ICL, International Consortium on Landslides - Europe
Robert Misotten
Steven Hosford
CNES, French Space Agency
Hormoz Modaressi
BRGM, French Geological Survey
Warner Marzocchi
WOVO, World Organisation of Volcano Observatories
Stuart Marsh
BGS, British Geological Survey
Craig Dobson
Jim Quick
USGS, United States Geological Survey
Ed de Mulder
International Year of Planet Earth
Domenico Giardini
FDSM, Federation of Digital Seismological Networks
Maria Dalla Costa
APAT, Italian Environmental Agency
Hans-Peter Plag
GGOS, Global Geodetic Observing System
Patrice Christmann
Gonéri Le Cozannet
IGOS Geohazards Bureau
Salvatore Stramondo
INGV, Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

  Organising Committee of the 2007 GGOS Workshop  

Markus Rothacher
GGOS, Chair of GGOS Steering Committee
Hans-Peter Plag
GGOS, Vice-Chair of GGOS Steering Committee
Ruth Neilan
GGOS, Vice-Chair of GGOS Steering Committee
Michael Pearlman
GGOS Executive Committee
Chopo Ma
GGOS Executive Committee
Susanna Zerbini
GGOS Executive Committee
Bente Lilja Bye
Chair of GGOS WG on Outreach and User Linkage
Osamu Ochiai
Group on Earth Observation (GEO)
Gonéri Le Cozannet
IGOS Geohazards Bureau
Marc Paganini
IGOS-P Geohazards, European Space Agency


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