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The 3rd International Geohazards Workshop
2007 GGOS Workshop
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The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) is coordinating the geodetic support for the Earth sciences. Building upon the work of the IAG Services, GGOS provides the geodetic infrastructure necessary to support the monitoring of the Earth system and global change research. It is integrating the three pillars of geodesy, which is geometry and kinematics, Earth orientation and rotation, and gravity field and dynamics, in order to maximize the benefit for the scientific community and society in general.

With the global geodetic reference frames and observations of the variations in the Earth's shape, gravity field, and rotation, GGOS provides fundamental contributions to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). In a detailed strategy process, GGOS is currently developing the plan for a geodetic observing system that will meet future requirements not only of GEOSS but also of science and society in general.


To a large extent, the Workshop was based on the results of the strategy process and discussed steps towards the implementation of the recommendations given in the strategy report.

The 2007 GGOS Workshop was integrated into the International Geohazards Week 2007. The GGOS Workshop was intended as an outreach activity of GGOS to both the space agencies and users. The Workshop discussed the current and future contributions of GGOS to Earth observations and, in particular, an observing system for geohazards applications. The Workshop was organised to help facilitate the communication between scientific user communities and those who will provide the geodetic products. Therefore, the Workshop was organised in conjunction with the Third International Geohazards Workshop, organised by the IGOS-P Geohazards Theme, which took place after the GGOS Workshop.


First Circular 5 April 2007
Registration Opening 20 April 2007
Deadline, submission of abstract 31 August 2007
Notification of acceptance 24 September 2007
Full programme available 5 October 2007
Deadline, registration 20 October 2007

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