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Volcano Monitoring using Infrared Data from AATSR

The VoMIR service (Volcano Monitoring with Infra-Red) allows the user to rapidly extract from the large AATSR product archive the thermal radiances at different wavelengths measured by AATSR during night-time Envisat passes over a selection of 361 volcanoes.
Output is presented in the form of an Excel spreadsheet gathering all time-stamped measures, statistics and quick-look images summarising the thermal activity of the volcano over time, enabling the analysis of the activity trends and patterns in the long-term.
The query results page provides the Excel sheet as well as KMZ files for display in Google Earth, and thumbnails of quicklooks for each of the MIR channels used. All records are also provided in raw XML format to allow easier post-processing of the VoMIR observations.
For more information:
+The VoMIR service and algorithm
+The VoMIR User Manual
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