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Fifteen Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry - Programme

Day 1, Monday 13 March 2006
Symposium Plenary Session, Sala Perla
Welcome from the city of Venice Massimo Cacciari, Mayor of Venice, given by Prof. Luigi Alberotanza
Official Welcome by ESA
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Volker Liebig, Director of Earth Observation, ESA
Official Welcome by CNES Philippe Goudy, Director of Orbital Projects, CNES
Opening and Keynote PresentationsChairs: J. Benveniste (ESA) and Y. Ménard (CNES)
Altimetry: Past, Present, and FutureCarl Wunsch (MIT)
Mesoscale Eddy Dynamics observed with 15 years of altimetric dataRosemary Morrow (LEGOS)
How satellites have improved our knowledge of planetary waves in the oceansPaolo Cipollini (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
The Ebb and Flow of Tidal Science, and the Impact of Satellite AltimetryRichard Ray (NASA GSFC)
ARGO, the Integrated ApproachDean Roemmich (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
Present-day sea level rise: do we understand what we measure?Anny Cazenave (LEGOS)
15 years of wave height data assimilationPeter Janssen (ECMWF)
Marine Geoid, Gravity, and Bathymetry: An increasingly clear view with satellite altimetryDavid McAdoo (NOAA)
The New Vision of the Cryosphere Thanks to 15 Years of Altimetry ObservationsFrédérique Rémy (CNRS-LEGOS)
Two decades of inland water monitoring using satellite radar altimetryPhilippa A. Berry (EAPRS Lab)
Parallel sessions
 Session 1: Oceanography 
Oceanography: High Frequency
Session Summary
Chairs: D. Stammer and L. Alberotanza
Progress on Dynamics and Thermodynamics in Western Boundary CurrentsKathryn Kelly (University of Washington)
Improved description of the mesoscale variability by combining four altimeter missions Ananda Pascual (IMEDEA(CSIC-UIB))
Temporal Changes in Ocean Eddy TransportsDetlef Stammer (University of Hamburg)
Characterizing the variability of the Eastern North Pacific in Time and SpaceRobin Tokmakian (Naval Postgraduate School)
Decorrelation scales of high resolution turbulent fluxes at the ocean-surface and a method to fill in gaps in satellite data productsAnastasia Romanou (Columbia University and NASA-GISS)
 Session 5: Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record 
Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record/Calibration and validation
Session Summary
Chairs: R. Scharroo and J. Lillibridge
20 Years of Improvements to GEOSAT AltimetryJohn Lillibridge (NOAA)
Sea state bias – 20 years onChristine Gommenginger (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Overview of the Improvements Made on the Empirical Determination of the Sea State Bias Correction Sylvie Labroue (CLS)
Calibration of ERS-2, TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 Microwave Radiometers using GPS and Cold Ocean Brightness TemperaturesStuart Edwards (Newcastle University)
The Altimetric Wet Tropospheric Correction: Progress since the ERS-1 missionLaurence Eymard (LOCEAN-IPSL)
 Session 2: Cryosphere 
Session Summary
Chairs: F. Rémy and D. Wingham
Satellite radar altimetry over sea ice - from Seasat to CryoSatSeymour Laxon (University College London)
Mass Balances of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets from Satellite Radar AltimetryJay Zwally (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Combining satellite altimetry (ERS-2 and ENVISAT) with SAR interferometry and SPOT photogrammetry for studies of Austfonna ice cap (Svalbard) Alexei Kouraev (LEGOS)
Ice Sheet Topography from ERS Radar Altimetry Jonathan Bamber (University Bristol)
ENVISAT radar altimeter as a sounding radar on the Amery Ice shelfPascal Lacroix (LEGOS)
 IDS Workshop 
 International Doris Service Workshop
Parallel sessions, continued
 Session 1: Oceanography 
Oceanography: High FrequencyChairs: D. Stammer and L. Alberotanza
Constraining the mesoscale fieldGregg Jacobs (Naval Research Laboratory)
The Interaction Between the Mesoscale and Gyre-Scale Variabilities of the Argentine BasinLee-Lueng Fu (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Eddies and Mean Flow in the Antarctic Circumpolar CurrentSarah Gille (University of California San Diego)
Dynamics of the Near-Uniform Basin-Wide Wind-Driven Sea Level Fluctuation of the Mediterranean SeaIchiro Fukumori (JPL/Caltech)
Recent advances on the characterization of mesoscale vortices from altimetric mapsJordi Isern-Fontanet (IFREMER)
 Session 5: Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record 
Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record/Calibration and validationChairs: R. Scharroo and J. Lillibridge
Lessons Learned for Science ProcessingPhilip Callahan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Three Decades of Precision Orbit Determination Progress, Achievements, Future Challenges and its Vital Contribution to Oceanography and Climate ResearchScott Luthcke (NASA GSFC)
Geographically correlated errors – problem solved?Wolfgang Bosch (DGFI)
15 years of improvements in ocean altimetry performance: a reviewJoel Dorandeu (CLS)
Absolute Calibration: the Closure Equation to Link Altimetric Missions TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1 and Envisat results from Corsica and Harvest Calibration SitesPascal Bonnefond (OCA-GEMINI)
 Session 2: Cryosphere 
CryosphereChairs: F. Rémy and D. Wingham
Hydrological networks beneath Antarctica: New signals from altimetryAndrew Shepherd (Scott Polar Research Institute)
Historical understanding of ice sheet dynamics versus evolution of topographyFrédérique Rémy (CNRS)
Arctic Ocean geoid, ice thickness and mean sea level – the ArcGICE project Rene Forsberg (Danish National Space Center)
Satellite altimetry over ice shelves: tides and grounding linesHelen Amanda Fricker (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Application Of Radar Altimetry To Estimate Sea Ice Extent and Thickness East of GreenlandLisa Pertusini (Politecnico di Milano)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 International Doris Service Workshop
 Reception, Sala Laguna
Day 2, Tuesday 14 March 2006
Parallel sessions, continued
 Session 1: Oceanography, continued 
Oceanography: Low FrequencyChairs: C. Wunsch and L. Fu
The seasonal cycle of the South Indian Ocean from model and altimeter data.Ricardo Matano (Oregon State University)
Rossby wave and eddy in the North Pacific Subtropical CountercurrentQinyu Liu (Physical Oceanography Lab.)
Dynamical and thermodynamical signatures of Rossby waves in presence of mean flow and topographyRemi Tailleux (University of Reading)
Causes of large-scale sea level variations in the Southern Ocean: Analyses of sea level and a finite element barotropic modelFrederic Vivier (LOCEAN (ex-LODYC), CNRS)
On the low-frequency variability in the Indian OceanIrina Sakova (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)
Seasonal and interannual variability of the North Pacific Ocean: modeling results and their validation through altimeter dataStefano Pierini (Università di Napoli Parthenope)
Antarctic Circumpolar Transport Variability from a combination of precise altimetry and GRACE 'bottom pressure' data.Victor Zlotnicki (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
 Session 5: Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record, continued 
Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record/Calibration and validationChairs: R. Scharroo and J. Lillibridge
Fifteen years of ERS satellite orbits and altimetry: An overviewRemko Scharroo (Altimetrics LLC)
High Rate Waveforms Analysis: 10 years of geophysical applicationsJean Tournadre (IFREMER)
ENVISAT S-Band Altimeter Calibration and ValidationMichiel Otten (ESA/ESOC)
The Calibration of ESA Altimeters from ERS-1 to CryoSatMònica Roca, et al. (PiLDo Labs, Barcelona)
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Long time seriesChairs: G. Mitchum and J. Verron
History of Altimetry, 1960–1992Robert Stewart (Texas A&M University)
Building a Record of Surface Elevations of the Continental Ice Sheets from Satellite Radar Altimetry. Anita C. Brenner (SSAI)
EKE and circulation variability in the Labrador Sea and the North Atlantic subpolar gyreAndreas Funk (IFM-GEOMAR)
 Session 4: Hydrology and Land Processes 
Hydrology and Land Processes
Session Summary
Chairs: Ph. Berry and D. Alsdorf
Global analysis of multi-mission echoes over the earth’s land surface from 15 years of altimeter missionsMonica Dowson (De Montfort University)
Use of Topex-Poseidon and Envisat Dual-Frequency Radar Altimeters Data over Continental SurfacesFabrice Papa (NASA-GISS)
Two decades of land altimetry – achievements and challengesPhilippa A. Berry (EAPRS Lab)
Altimetry landed - Digital Elevation Data from ICESat, SRTM and SurveyingGeorgia Fotopoulos (University of Toronto)
Global Assessment of Multi-Mission Radar Altimeter Performance Over LandJames Garlick (De Montfort University)
Geosat Follow-On Waveforms: Retracking for Hydrology ApplicationsJohn Lillibridge (NOAA)
Lake Level Monitoring Based on Satellite Altimetry Jean-François Crétaux (CNES/LEGOS)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 International Doris Service Workshop
Poster sessions
 Session: Posters 
Oceanography: High FrequencyChairs: D. Stammer and L. Alberotanza
Variation of Sea Surface Height in the South China SeaYinglai Jia (Physical Oceanography Lab.)
Combination of NOAA/AVHRR Images and Topex/Poseidon Data to Analyse the Mesoscale Phenomena in the Algerian Basin (in the Western Mediterranean Sea) Mega Nabil (National Centre for Space Techniques)
Seasonal and Interannual Variability of eddy field and surface circulation in the Gulf of Aden.Mohammed Al saafani (National Institute of Oceanography)
Formation process of the Kuroshio Large Meander in 2004Norihisa Usui (Meteorological Research Institute)
Satellite altimetry research at the Institute of Ocean SciencesJosef Cherniawsky (Institute of Ocean Sciences)
Satellite Altimetry for Indian Ocean StudiesMM Ali (National Remote Sensing Agency)
Velocity statistics inferred from the TOPEX/POSEIDON-JASON Tandem Mission DataDetlef Stammer (University of Hamburg)
The eddy fields of the Leeuwin and East Australian CurrentsDavid Griffin (CSIRO)
Variability of the MAW vein branching, in the Central Mediterranean, estimated by altimetric dataSlim Gana (Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie)
The greater Agulhas Current System: Intercomparison of altimetry and model resultsBjørn C. Backeberg (Mohn-Sverdrup Center)
Geostrophic Turbulence and Mechanical Energy Budgets from Satellite AltimetryRobert Scott (The University of Texas at Austin)
What do we know and what can we predict about the timing of Loop Current eddy separation?Robert Leben (Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Reserach)
Investigation of the oceanic currents and fronts in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean using satellite altimetry dataAlexander Sirota (AtlantNIRO)
Oceanography: CoastalChairs: P. Challenor and J. Fernandes
Advances in Coastal Altimetry over the Northwestern MediterraneanPaolo Cipollini (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Altimetric data to monitor the seasonal and year-to-year variability of the upwelling intensity along the West Africa coastsSalvatore Marullo (ENEA)
A description of the currents off the eastern and southern boundaries of Australia from fifteen years of AltimetryKen Ridgway (CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research)
Coastal altimetry and sea level change in selected test areas along the European coastLuciana  Fenoglio-Marc (Darmstadt University of Technology)
Temporal and spatial sea surface height variability in the North Sea - Baltic Sea system from altimetry, tide gauges, and 3D modellingMadsen Kristine Skovgaard (University of Copenhagen)
Estimation of model error covariance in a nested coastal model for multivariate data assimilation systemGrégoire Broquet (LEGI-CNRS)
Towards using satellite altimetry for the observation of coastal dynamics.Florence Birol (LEGOS/CTOH)
Influence of Barrier Layer on Sea Surface Height Variability in Bay of BengalKalyani Chikka (C-MMACS)
Observing the short scale ocean variability in the Western Mediterranean Sea by using a coastal multi-satellite altimetry product and modelsJérôme Bouffard (LEGOS)
Satellite altimetry of the Caspian SeaAndrey Kostianoy (P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology)
Evaluation of tandem TOPEX/Poseidon-Jason data in the Newfoundland offshore Guoqi Han (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
Oceanography: Low FrequencyChairs: C. Wunsch and L. Fu
Steric sea level variations inferred from combined Topex/Poseidon altimetry and GRACE gravimetryDavid Garcia (University of Alicante)
Interannual and annual variations in the Mediterranean Sea from satellite David Garcia (University of Alicante)
Inverse estimate of the North Atlantic Circulation:n Influence of the fine resolution GOCINA dynamic topographyDmitry Sidorenko (Alfred-Wegener-Institute)
Mechanism of Interannual Variation of Meridional Overturning Circulation of the North Atlantic OceanCecile Cabanes (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Interannual variation of sea level in the South Atlantic based on satellite altimetry.Semyon Grodsky (University of Maryland)
Interannual and Seasonal Variation of Axis Position and Intensity of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current by Satellite AltimetrySergey Lebedev (Geophysical Center RAS)
Coexistence of the Antarctic Circumpolar Wave and a Southern Annular Type Mode in the Southern Ocean?Stephanie Artigues (CNRS)
Kelvin waves activity in the eastern tropical AtlanticAlban Lazar (LOCEAN)
Oceanography: TropicsChairs: S. Arnault and T. Busalacchi
The Atlantic North Equatorial CountercurrentGustavo Jorge Goni (NOAA/AOML)
Tropical Pacific long waves for the 1997-1998 El Niño-La Niña event from an altimetric data assimilation experimentBoris Dewitte (LEGOS/IRD)
Application of Satellite Altimetry to Tropical Climate PredictionDake Chen (Columbia University)
Equatorial Indian Ocean Sea surface slope changes (Wyrtki Jet extent) using altimeter dataKalyani Chikka (C-MMACS)
Oceanography: TidesChairs: P. Vincent and R. Ray
Toulouse Global and Regional Tidal Atlas : a review on progress and recent result in tidal science and productsFlorent Lyard (LEGOS)
Tide Simulation Using Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)Xiaochun Wang (JPL/Caltech)
Coastal Ocean Tide Modeling Using Multiple Satellite AltimetryYu Wang (Laboratory for Space Geodesy and Remote Sensing)
Non-linear tides in shallow water regions from multi-mission satellite altimetry (The Northwest European shelf).Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
The Observation of SAR, Optical and Altimeter Data to Study the Generation of Internal Waves in Tsushima StraitYessy Arvelyna (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Ocean Tide Modeling in the Polar OceansC.K. Shum (Ohio State University)
Oceanography: Marine Meteorology
Session Summary
Chairs: P. Janssen and J.-M. Lefèvre
On the combined assimilation of RA-2 and ASAR wave data for the improvement of wave forecastingLotfi Aouf (Meteo France)
The impact of dynamic tropography on the intensification of hurricanesRemko Scharroo (Altimetrics LLC)
Satellite significant wave height observations in coastal and shelf seasJacob Hoeyer (Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI))
Altimeter dual-frequency observations of surface winds, waves, and rain rate in tropical cyclonesYves Quilfen (IFREMER)
Numerical modelling of the 2004 Indonesian tsunami: methodology and resultsFlorent Lyard (LEGOS)
Comparison of altimetry wave and wind data with model and buoy dataClaus Sølvsteen (Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography)
 Session: Posters 
CryosphereChairs: F. Rémy and D. Wingham
Extraction of Arctic Sea Ice Thickness from Envisat Altimetry DataAndrew Ridout (University College London)
Along track repeat altimetry for ice sheets and continental surfaceBenoit Legrésy (CNRS)
Validation of altimeter measurements over ice.Benoit Legrésy (CNRS)
Simulation of radar altimeter waveforms over ocean and ice covered regionsVerena Seufer (GeoForschungszentrum Potsdam)
Marine Geodesy, Gravity, Bathymetry
Session Summary
Chairs: D. Sandwell and W. Smith
Determination of the Earth Gravity Field Components in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with Satellite Altimetry Data Seyed Rohallah Emadi (Islamic Azad University,Tehran,South unit)
Progress Toward a Comprehensive Map of the SeafloorStephen Miller (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD)
An overview of spectral methods for the optimal processing of satellite altimetry and other dataIlias N. Tziavos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Accuracy of the 2500 m Isobath from Satellite BathymetryKaren Marks (NOAA)
Generation of a high resolution grid of gravity anomalies by inversion of altimetric data from Geosat, Topex/Poseidon, ERS1/2 and Jason-1 in the Azores regionjoao manuel calvao rodrigues (University of Lisbon, faculty of sciences)
A Mean Ocean Dynamic Topography Derived from Altimetry and the Latest GRACE Geoid Model Saskia Esselborn (GFZ Potsdam)
Simultaneous Improvement of Large Scale Geoid Height and Mean Sea Surface TopographyVerena Seufer (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
How Satellite Altimetry Contributes to the Vertical Datum ProblemMichael Sideris (University of Calgary)
The DNSC05 high-resolution global marine gravity field.Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
High resolution coastal gravity anomalies from retracked Geosat/GM and ERS-1/GM altimetryXiaoli Deng (University of Newcastle)
Satellite altimetry and marine gravity data: toward a consistent knowledge of the gravity field.Marie-Françoise Lequentrec-Lalancette (SHOM)
Comparing the use of ship and satellite data for geodynamic studiesMarcia Maia (CNRS UMR 6538)
ESA's Earth Explorer gravity mission: GOCEMark R. Drinkwater (European Space Agency)
Satellite Derived Predicted Bathymetry: Essential Tool for UNCLOS 'article 76' on the extension of the legal continental shelf beyond 200 nautical milesWalter Roest (Ifremer)
Intraplate seismicity, oceanic basement topography and marine gravityLouis Geli (Ifremer)
Hydrology and Land Processes Chairs: Ph. Berry and D. Alsdorf
Ice and snow cover on lakes from radar altimetry and radiometry: case of the lake BaikalAlexei Kouraev (LEGOS)
Seasonal fluctuations of water storage in the Ob River basin from satellite altimetry and SSM/I measurementsFrédéric Frappart (LEGOS-GRGS/CNES)
Cross-comparisons of radar and laser altimetry, GPS measurements and hydrological modelling for the slope determination of the Rio Negro and Rio BrancoFrédéric Frappart (LEGOS-GRGS/CNES)
Inundated wetlands and floods dynamics from remote sensing: the use of the Topex-Poseidon dual-frequency radar altimeter and its application over the Boreal Regions.Fabrice Papa (NASA-GISS)
Improvement of the Topex/Poseidon altimetric data processing for hydrological purposes (CASH Project)Franck MERCIER (CLS)
Assessment and Correction of the Global 3 arc-second SRTM DEM Using Multi-mission Radar AltimetryJames Garlick (De Montfort University)
The Envisat Burst Mode Echoes– a new look from satellite radar altimetryPhilippa A. Berry (EAPRS Lab)
Altimetric data in hydrological modelsFrederique Seyler (IRD)
Analysis of Radar Altimeter Waveform Retracking Algorithms for Geodynamics StudiesHyongki Lee (Ohio State University)
Application of Radar Altimetry in Detecting the Changes of Wetlands and Lakes in the Prairie Pothole RegionFranklin W Schwartz (The Ohio State Univ)
Using Altimetry Waveform Data and Ancillary Information from SRTM and LANDSAT to retrieve River CharacteristicsVivien Enjolras (CNES/LEGOS)
The WatER Mission in Europe: how can it help science?Vivien Enjolras (CNES/LEGOS)
Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record/Calibration and validationChairs: R. Scharroo and J. Lillibridge
Oceanic Water Vapor Derived from TOPEX Microwave Radiometer: Climatology and VariabilityGe Chen (Ocean University of China)
First Three Years Of The Microwave Radiometer Aboard Envisat: In-Flight Calibration, Processing and Validation of the Geophysical Products.Estelle Obligis (CLS)
Envisat Altimetry Mission StatusPierre Femenias (ESA)
Cross-calibration of multi-mission altimeter and TRMM PR sigma0 over natural land targetsSusan Bramer (De Montfort University)
RA-2 Bias Determination Using a TransponderElena Cristea (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Corsica: an experiment for long-term altimeter calibration and sea level monitoringPascal Bonnefond (OCA-GEMINI)
GPS-equipped buoys – Sea Level Measurements with cm-accuracyTilo Schoene (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
Ocean-bottom pressure measurements for radar altimetry calibrationTilo Schoene (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
The IGS Tide Gauge Benchmark Monitoring ProjectTilo Schoene (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
Altimeter Calibration Campaigns at Ibiza Island and Cape of Begur (Spain)Juan Jose Martinez-Benjamin (Technical University of Catalonia)
ESA's new range of radar altimeters for the extraction of geophysical parameters from land, sea ice and ocean surfacesRobert Cullen (ESA)
SSALTO/DUACS, 15 years of precise and consistent multi-mission altimetry dataGerald Dibarboure (CLS)
Cryosat Level 1 Data Calibration with TransponderCatherine Bouzinac (ESA)
CLIPPERTON campaign on altimetry side: Ocean observation site explorationGwenaele Jan (NOVELTIS)
Impact of the geophysical corrections on studies of sea level variationM. Joana Fernandes (Faculty of Science, University of Porto)
The use of data-quality information for optimal scientific application of altimetric dataAnnalisa Martini (Serco S.p.a.)
ENVISAT Ra-2 Sigma-0 Absolute Calibration, Methods and Results Annalisa Martini (Serco S.p.a.)
Precise orbits of altimetry satellites ERS-1, ERS-2 and TOPEX/PoseidonSergei Rudenko (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam (GFZ))
Review of the use of satellite crossover altimetryJaroslav Klokocnik (Astronom. Inst. Czech Acad. Sci.)
ERS-1 / ERS-2: a long story of altimeter data and improvementsFrançoise Mertz-Ogor (CLS)
Envisat ocean altimetry performance assessment: continuity and improvement of the ERS seriesYannice Faugere (CLS)
Synthesis of the main Features and Evolutions of ESA and CNES/NASA Radar Altimeters, Ocean Ground Processing and ProductsJean-Paul Dumont (CLS)
High standard tide gauge network for scientific studiesLaurent Testut (LEGOS)
The effects of seasonal and atmospherically induced sea level variability in satellite altimeter calibration. Results from the GAVDOS Cal/Val experiment.Thanassis Papadopoulos (Technical University of Crete)
Absolute calibration of Jason, Topex-Poseidon, GFO and Envisat using GPS buoys on Issykkul lake and Caspian SeaJean-Francois Cretaux (CNES/LEGOS)
Comparison between sea height GPS measurements and satellite altimetry data in the New Hebrides Subduction Zone.Marie-Noelle Bouin (ENSG/LAREG)
Global Land Topography and Ocean Bathymetry from Radar Altimetry Diane Defrenne (ESA/SERCO)
S-Band Range Cross-Calbration with Ku-Band Range over the Salar de UyuniMercedes Reche (PiLDo Labs)
Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record - Other/Retracking
Session Summary
Chairs: A. Brenner and C. Rapley
OSCAR : looking at continental surfaces with radar altimetry.Benoit Legresy (LEGOS)
The National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Retracking Scheme: Measuring Global Ocean Tracker BiasJesus Gomez-Enri (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
A comparative analysis of waveform data from seven altimetersGraham Quartly ( National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Estimation of the Sea State Bias Effect on the Altimetric Measurements Using a Parametric ModelAli Rami (National Centre of Space Techniques)
Improvements in geophysical corrections for coastal altimetry using retracked dataE. Lucy Mathers (De Montfort University)
ENVISAT RA-2 S-band Anomaly: Detection and Waveforms Reconstruction Annalisa Martini (Serco S.p.a.)
Centimeter-Level Cross Calibration of TOPEX and Jason Using RetrackingErnesto Rodriguez (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Long time seriesChairs: G. Mitchum and J. Verron
Generation of Climate Data Records from Ocean Radar AltimetryBrian Beckley (Raytheon)
North-East Atlantic current systems from 10 years of multi-mission satellite altimetryClara Lázaro (Faculty of Science, University of Porto)
Inter-Annual Long Equatorial Waves in the Tropical Atlantic (1981-2000)Serena Illig (LEGOS)
Altimetric Mean Sea Surfaces - and inter-annual ocean variability (DNSC05-MSS)Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
Mediterranean Sea Level Analysis from 1992 to 2005Jorge Del Rio Vera (ESA)
Use of global ocean reanalyses for reconstructing sea level variability patterns over the last 40 years: methods, results and limitationsPhilippe Rogel (CERFACS)
Mediterranean Sea Surface Variability during the last 15 years from altimetryGilles Larnicol (CLS)
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Mean sea levelChairs: A. Cazenave and C.K. Shum
Regional Long-term sea level and sea surface trends from satellite. Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Agency)
Mean Sea Level trend estimation from multi-mission altimetry and tide gaugesJoel Dorandeu (CLS)
Modeling the global and regional sea level variability in the last decadesLuciana Fenoglio-Marc (Technical University Darmstadt)
Validation of T/P data in the South Indian OceanClaire Maraldi (LEGOS)
Comparing Global Sea Level Rise Estimates from Satellite Altimetry and a Global Ocean Reanalysis: 1993-2001Laury Miller (NOAA)
 Session: Posters 
The Integrated Approach/Systems
Session Summary
Chairs: J. Gould and D. Roemmich
The Global Observed Ocean Products of the French Mercator projectGilles Larnicol (CLS)
The U.S. Navy’s Real Time Altimetry Data Processing in Ocean Monitoring and ForecastingKirk Whitmer (Naval Research Laboratory)
The Integrated Approach/DemonstrationsChairs: P. Knudsen and P-Y. Letraon
Dispersal Model of Condensate from Malamapaya Deep Water Gas ProductionCharina Lyn Amedo (Marine Science Institute)
Recent Progresses in Modelling the Global Ocean/Sea-Ice Circulation at Eddy Permitting ResolutionBernard Barnier (LEGI/CNRS)
Variability in Southern Hemisphere Interocean Exchanges Part I: The Agulhas CurrentDeirdre Byrne (University of Maine)
Understanding of the East (Japan) Sea Circulation by using Altimeter, Argo and SSTYoung Jae Ro (Chungnam Natl. Univ., Korea)
Global Surface Currents and Heat Transport : A new product for investigating ocean dynamicsJoel Sudre (LEGOS)
Control of a free-surface barotropic model of the Bay of Biscay by assimilation of sea-level data in presence of atmospheric forcing errorsJulien Lamouroux (POC/LEGOS-NOVELTIS)
15 Years of Oceanography in the Azores; from oceanographic cruises to an integrated approach.Manuela Juliano (Lamtec, University of The Azores)
Preliminary estimates of the time-variant heat budget in the Tropical AtlanticClaudia Schmid (NOAA/AOML)
The Integrated Approach/DiagnosticsChairs: N. Ferry and D. Anderson
Assimilating altimeter sea surface height data in an operational ocean forecasting system - an historical overviewMatt Martin (Met Office)
Controlling the large-scale ocean circulation using a multivariate 3D-Var approach: the complementary role of altimetry and in situ measurements.Elisabeth Remy (MERCATOR OCEAN)
Assessment and validation of the new multivariate Mercator high resolution forecasting system.Jean-Michel Lellouche (Mercator-Océan)
Small-scale variability in sea surface heights and surface winds: Implications for errors in ocean models and observationsAlexey Kaplan (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory)
Extrapolating oceanic signals from surface data to deeper layers: Bruno Buongiorno Nardelli (CNR-ISAC)
Comparing Multiyear Altimetry, Drifter, and Satellite Image Derived Surface Currents in the California CurrentDax Matthews (University of Colorado at Boulder - CCAR)
Interest of combining satellite altimeter data with temperature and salinity data on the new assimilation MERCATOR SystemBenoît Tranchant (MERCATOR)
Exploration of model errors in terms of Sea Surface Height and Temperature in a ¼° model of the North AtlanticNadia Ayoub (CNRS/LEGI)
On an Adaptive Filter Based on Forecast Errors Modelling for SSH Data Assimilation and its Comparison with Optimal Interpolation MethodHong Son Hoang (SHOM/LEGOS)
Recent advances in data assimilation in the MERSEA projectSergey Skachko (LEGI, CNRS)
How altimetry can complement in situ observations in the estimation of the upper ocean heat storageGustavo Jorge Goni (NOAA/AOML)
On the role of GRACE for the joint assimilation of altimetry and in-situ dataFrederic Castruccio (LEGI - CNRS)
Operational multivariate assimilation of satellite and in situ observations in the Mediterranean Forecasting SystemSrdjan Dobricic (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia)
Data ServicesChairs: E. Schrama and Ph. Escudier
Online altimetry service for hydrology: The CASH projectCASH team (IRD/LEGOS/CLS/BRLI/CNES)
Hydrological data base from satellite altimetryMarie-Claude Gennero (LEGOS)
Aviso Altimetry Products: select your choice!Vinca Rosmorduc (CLS)
Basic Radar Altimetry Toolbox and Radar Altimetry Tutorial: a new set of tools for all altimetry usersVinca Rosmorduc (CLS)
Just-In-Time Altimetry: International Collaboration in Provision of Altimetry DatasetsHelen Snaith (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Mersea ocean Portal, Proof of an Integrated SystemFrederique Blanc (CLS / Space Oceanography Division)
CTOH – 17 years of altimetric serviceRosemary Morrow (LEGOS)
Mercator Ocean forecasting products: fitting into the users needsSophie Baudel (CLS)
NOAA/AOML Altimetric ProductsJoaquin Trinanes (University of Miami)
The role of RADS in building the 15-year altimetric recordMarc Naeije (TUDelft)
ADS – A Data and Processing System for AltimetryTilo Schoene (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)
Steps towards an Operational Service using Near Real-Time Altimetry DataEllis Ash (Satellite Observing Systems Ltd)
An International Altimetry Service – focussing altimetry for global Earth observing systemsWolfgang Bosch (DGFI)
New Applications Session Summary Chairs: G. Quartly and O.-Z. Zanife
Movement and accumulation of floating marine debris simulated by surface currents derived from satellite data Masahisa Kubota (Tokai University)
Application of satellite altimetry for fisheries research Alexander Sirota (AtlantNIRO)
New scientific applications for ocean, land and ice remote sensing with ENVISAT altimeter individual echoes.Christine Gommenginger (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
EnviSat Radar Altimeter Individual Echoes and S-band New ApplicationsOuan-Zan Zanife (CLS)
Session Summary
Chairs: V. Rosmorduc and M. Srinivasan
Introducing the Real Scientist: Using Outreach to Change Your PersonaAnnie Richardson (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
African Capacity Building in Satellite Altimetry with the UNESCO-Bilko ProgrammeVal Byfield (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Outreach at CIOSS – The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite StudiesP. Ted Strub (Oregon State University)
The Future of Altimetry, part 1
Session Summary
Chairs: H. Bonekamp and E. Lindstrom
Ka-band altimeter for future AltiKa oceanography missionsNathalie Steunou (CNES)
ITC and WatER: The Proposed Water Elevation Recovery satellite missionRemco Dost (ITC)
Contribution of wide-swath altimetric cross-track measurements in the North Sea – Impact of the satellite roll errorsMatthieu Le Hénaff (LEGOS)
Relative performances of WSOA, altimeter constellations and tide gauges in controlling a model of North Sea barotropic dynamicsBaptiste Mourre (ICM)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 International Doris Service Workshop
 Session 1: Oceanography, continued 
Oceanography: TropicsChairs: S. Arnault and T. Busalacchi
Impacts of subtropical upper ocean variability on equatorial Indian OceanK V Ramesh (C-MMACS)
Investigating the Tropical Atlantic Ocean Variability from ARAMIS and AltimetrySabine Arnault and the ARAMIS Group (LOCEAN UMR CNRS/IRD/UPMC/MNHN)
Comparison between 1997 and 2002 El Niño Events: Role of Initial State versus ForcingAntonio Busalacchi (University of Maryland)
Oceanography: CoastalChairs: P. Challenor and J. Fernandes
A new approach to retracking ocean and coastal zone multi-mission altimetryJennifer Freeman (EAPRS Lab)
Eddy-Mediated Transport Along Eastern BoundariesP. Ted Strub (Oregon State University)
 Session 5: Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record, continued 
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Long time seriesChairs: G. Mitchum and J. Verron
Decadal Variability in the Large-Scale Sea Surface Height Field of the South Pacific Ocean: Observations and CausesBo Qiu (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
Large-scale decadal changes of sea level in various parts of the world oceanTong Lee (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
How much of the interannual-to-decadal fluctuations of the Indian Ocean Sea-Level is due to atmospheric forcing and to connections with the other oceans?Serena Illig (JPL)
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Mean sea levelChairs: A. Cazenave and C.K. Shum
A 20th century acceleration in sea level rise and decadal impact on GMSL of volcanic eruptionsJohn Church (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)
An Assessment of IPCC 20th Century Climate Simulations Using the 15-year Sea Level Record from AltimetryEric Leuliette (University of Colorado)
 Session 4: Hydrology and Land Processes, continued 
Hydrology and Land ProcessesChairs: Ph. Berry and D. Alsdorf
Lake level change in China from TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry: climate implicationsCheinway Hwang (National Chiao Tung University)
Caspian Sea water level fluctuation: comparison between ground measurements and altimetryMikhael Bolgov (Caspian Sea Laboratory)
Establishment of an Altimetric Reference Network over the Amazon Basin using Satellite Radar Altimetry (Topex Poseidon) Pascal Kosuth (UMR TETIS (Cemagref-CIRAD-ENGREF))
Using GRACE Gravimetry and Satellite Altimetry for water Storage studies in the Amazon Drainage Region.Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 International Doris Service Workshop
 Session 1: Oceanography 
 Session 5: Building the 15-Year Altimetric Record, continued 
The 15-Year Altimetric Record/Mean sea levelChairs: A. Cazenave and C.K. Shum
Global and regional sea level change from multi-satellite altimeter dataRemko Scharroo (Altimetrics LLC)
Satellite Measurements of Sea Level Change: Where Have We Been and Where Are We GoingR. S. Nerem (University of Colorado)
Why the sea is boiling hot: global warming and sea level riseJames Carton (University of Maryland)
Determination and Quantification of the 20th Century Sea Level RiseChung-Yen Kuo (Ohio State University)
Understanding measured sea level rise by data assimilationManfred Wenzel (AWI)
 Session 4: Hydrology and Land Processes, continued 
Hydrology and Land ProcessesChairs: Ph. Berry and D. Alsdorf
Characterizing the quality of river water level time series derived from satellite radar altimetry: efforts towards a standardized methodologyNicolas Bercher (UMR TETIS (Cemagref-CIRAD-ENGREF))
Uncertainties in water stages by altmetry assessed by field measurements Stephane Calmant (IRD/LEGOS/OMP)
Assessment of multi-mission radar altimeter performance over the Amazon basinJames Harrison (DeMontfort University)
Use of satellite altimeter data for validating large scale hydraulic modelsMatt Wilson (University of Exeter)
A Decade of Global River and Lake Heights from ESA Altimeter MissionsPhilippa A. Berry (EAPRS Lab)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 IDS Workshop
Day 3, Wednesday 15 March 2006
Parallel sessions, continued
 Session 6: The Integrated Approach 
The Integrated Approach/SystemsChairs: J. Gould and D. Roemmich
The ECCO Near Real-Time Ocean Data Assimilation SystemIchiro Fukumori (JPL/Caltech)
Synergy between ocean observations and numerical simulations : CLIPPER heritage and DRAKKAR perspectivesThierry Penduff (CNRS)
Ocean Model Analysis and Predicition System (OceanMAPS): operational ocean forecasting based on near real-time satellite altimetry and ArgoGary Brassington (Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre)
HYCOM Ocean Prediction and Altimeter Data AssimilationEric Chassignet (U. of Miami/RSMAS)
Assimilation of altimeter data in the ECMWF ocean analysis systemArthur Vidard (ECMWF)
presented by Magdalena Balmaseda (ECMWF)
The PSY3v1 GODAE/Mercator ocean forecasting system, a global eddy permitting (1/4°) ocean model assimilating altimetry dataMarie Drévillon (Mercator-Ocean)
 Session 1: Oceanography 
Oceanography: Marine MeteorologyChairs: P. Janssen and J.-M. Lefèvre
Satellite altimetry: A revolution in understanding the wave climatePeter Challenor (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Progress in utilizing altimeter ocean backscatter measurements for sea surface roughness applicationsDouglas Vandemark (University of New Hampshire)
Contribution of Satellite Altimetry to Wave Analysis and ForecastingJean-Michel Lefevre (Meteo-France)
A wind and wave atlas for the Mediterranean SeaLuigi Cavaleri (ISMAR)
Altimeter wind and wave data and Ocean Wave ForecastingPeter Janssen (ECMWF)
Application of multi-mission altimeter measurements to the analysis of wave height time and space variability over the Mediterranean Sea.Pierre Queffeulou (IFREMER)
 Session 3: Marine Geodesy, Gravity, Bathymetry 
Marine Geodesy, Gravity, BathymetryChairs: D. Sandwell and W. Smith
High Resolution Global Bathymetry from Satellite Altimetry, with a detailed view of the Arctic Ocean. Ole Andersen (Danish National Space Center)
Altimetric marine gravity fields in polar regions: History, status and future prospectsDavid McAdoo (NOAA)
On Combining Bathymetric and Ocean Circulation Altimeter MissionsFrank Monaldo (Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab.)
From the altimetric sea level measurement to the ocean absolute dynamic topography: Mean Sea Surface, Geoid, Mean Dynamic Topography, a three-component challengePhilippe Schaeffer (CLS)
The benefit of EIGEN gravity field models for altimetry and vice versaFrank Flechtner (GFZ Potsdam)
A New Global Continental Margin Gravity Model derived from Altimeter DataJ Derek Fairhead (GETECH)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 IDS Workshop
 Session 6: The Integrated Approach 
The Integrated Approach/DemonstrationsChairs: P. Knudsen and P-Y. Letraon
Interpreting low frequency sea level signals over the last decadeRui Ponte (Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.)
Mid-depth Circulation of the World’s Oceans: A First Look at the Argo ArrayJosh Willis (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Altimetry, SST and ocean colour unveil the effects of planetary waves on phytoplanktonPaolo Cipollini (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
Mean surface circulation of the global ocean inferred from satellite altimeter and drifter dataNikolai Maximenko (IPRC/SOEST, University of Hawaii)
Combining Altimetric and All Other Data with a General Circulation ModelCarl Wunsch (MIT)
 Session 2: Oceanography, continued 
Oceanography: Marine MeteorologyChairs: P. Janssen and J.-M. Lefèvre
Surface Wave Field from Altimetry for Mixed Seas (sea and swell) under the Influence of Offshore WindsFrancisco Ocampo-Torres (CICESE)
Analysis of extreme low pressure events like hurricanes and extra-tropical storms thanks to altimetryLoren Carrere (CLS)
Use of Altimeter and SAR Wave Data at the Met Office and Recent Comparison with Wave Model and BuoysMartin Holt (Met Office)
The Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 26, 2004, Observed by Multi-satellite Altimetry. Michaël Ablain (CLS)
Assessment of Tsunami Modeling Using Satellite Altimetry and Tide GaugesManman Zhang (Ohio State University)
 Session 3: Marine Geodesy, Gravity, Bathymetry, continued 
Marine Geodesy, Gravity, BathymetryChairs: D. Sandwell and W. Smith
Combining Satellite Altimetry, Tide Gauge Observations and an Oceanographic Model to Derive the Baltic Sea Mean Sea Surface Topography Kristin Novotny (Technische Universität Dresden)
Tests of Geoid Height Skill Through Estimates of the Ocean CirculationDetlef Stammer (University of Hamburg)
Vertical seafloor deformation in a partially blocked subduction zone from tide gauge, altimetry and GPS dataValerie Ballu (IPGP)
How Radar Altimetry Discovered Marine GeodynamicsAlexander Braun (University of Calgary)
Sea-level signature of bathymetric errors and their observability by satellite altimetryBaptiste Mourre (ICM)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 IDS Workshop
 Session 6: The Integrated Approach, continued 
The Integrated Approach/DemonstrationsChairs: P. Knudsen and P-Y. Letraon
Chlorophyll Bloom in the Western Equatorial Pacific During the 1998 El Niño / La Niña Transition: the Role of Kiribati Islands as Seen From Satellite, in-situ Data, and a High-Resolution SimulationMonique Messie (LEGOS)
Basin Scale Mass Variations in the Atlantic OceanSaskia Esselborn (GFZ Potsdam)
Results from the GOCINA project. Combining altimetric/gravimetric and ocean model mean dynamic topographies.Per Knudsen (Danish National Space Center)
The MERSEA Project : Development of a European system for operational monitoring and forecasting of the ocean on global and regional scales.Yves Desaubies (MERSEA Consortium)
Sea surface salinity from a simplified ocean mixed layer model using global altimeter dataSylvain MICHEL (IFREMER)
 Session 8: The Future of Altimetry 
The Future of Altimetry, part 1Chairs: H. Bonekamp and E. Lindstrom
Requirements for Future Satellite Altimetry - Recommendations from the EC GAMBLE ProjectDavid Cotton (Satellite Observing Systems)
AltiKa: a Ka-band altimetry system for operational altimetry during the GMES periodJacques Verron and The AltiKa Mission Group (LEGI)
ESA's Sentinel-3: An Operational Oceanography Mission for GMESMark R. Drinkwater (European Space Agency)
Retrieving High Precision River Stages and Slopes from SpaceErnesto Rodriguez (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
EUMETSAT and Operational OceanographyHans Bonekamp (EUMETSAT)
 Session 7: Outreach 
New ApplicationsChairs: G. Quartly and O.-Z. Zanife
The distribution of bigeye tuna, Thunnus obesus, and three-dimensional thermal structure estimated from satellite altimeterAkiko Takano (Tokyo University of Marine science and technology)
Altimetry helps understand the behavior of marine animalsPhilippe Gaspar (CLS)
Oceanography and yacht racing: a handful of competitors, millions of spectatorsDavid Griffin (CSIRO)
A Role for Altimeter Radars in Gas Exchange StudiesNelson Frew (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Development in rain altimetry from Seasat to Envisat and JasonGraham Quartly (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 IDS Workshop
 Session 6: The Integrated Approach, continued 
The Integrated Approach/DiagnosticsChairs: N. Ferry and D. Anderson
Impact of ARGO temperature and salinity measurements in the new ECMWF ocean analysis system, with focus on the interaction with altimeter data.Magdalena A. Balmaseda (ECMWF)
Using altimeter measurements for quantitative assessment of high resolution ocean modelsLuAnne Thompson (University of Washington)
Importance of TOPEX/Poseidon/Jason data to improve the coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling of El NinoClaire Perigaud (JPL)
Ocean Surface Current Monitoring from Space: Methodology and ProgressFabrice Bonjean (Earth & Space Research)
The Mercator 1992-2002 PSY1v2 ocean reanalysis for tropical and North AtlanticEric Greiner (MERCATOR)
Fifteen Years of Altimetry and Satellite Data: Benefits for Mercator-ocean Operational Forecasting System Nicolas Ferry (MERCATOR-OCEAN)
 Session 8: The Future of Altimetry, continued 
The Future of Altimetry, part 1Chairs: H. Bonekamp and E. Lindstrom
WatER: The proposed Water Elevation Recovery satellite missionNelly Mognard (CNES)
ABYSS-Lite Science Requirements and Mission ConceptWalter H.F. Smith (NOAA/NESDIS United States)
Is there a future role for altimeters carried on micro platforms for the early warning of surface hazards?Thomas Donald Allan (Satellite Observing Systems Ltd)
25 years of altimeter developments at Alcatel Alenia SpaceLaurent Phalippou (ALCATEL ALENIA SPACE)
Performances study of interferometric radar altimeters: from the instrument to the global mission definitionVivien Enjolras (CNES)
 Session 7: Outreach, continued 
OutreachChairs: V. Rosmorduc and M. Srinivasan
(Nearly) Fifteen years of Altimetry Outreach at CNES and NASA/JPL Vinca Rosmorduc (CLS)
Developing Ocean Awareness: The Argonautica Educational ProjectDanielle de Staerke (CNES)
Keeping Ocean Altimetry in the Public EyeRosemary Sullivant (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Societal Benefits of Ocean Altimetry DataMargaret Srinivasan (NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Satellite Altimetry Outreach During Hurricane Rita: Lessons LearnedRobert Leben (Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Reserach)
 IDS workshop, continued 
 IDS Workshop
 Poster session - Cocktail, Sala Adriatico 
20:00Gala Dinner sponsored by EUMETSAT and NOAA
Day 4, Thursday 16 March 2006
8:20Symposium Plenary Session, Sala Perla
Closing Keynote Presentations
The Future of Altimetry, part 2Chairs: J.-L. Fellous and S. Wilson
Why a Hydrology Mission Needs Two-Dimensional Acquisitions of Water Surface ElevationsDouglas Alsdorf (Ohio State University)
Mapping Seafloor Tectonics from Satellite Altimetry: Requirements for a Future MissionDavid Sandwell (Scripps Inst. of Oceanography)
The Cryosphere: A continuing challenge for radar altimetryDuncan Wingham and Seymour Laxon (University College London)
Altimetry and the integrated ocean observing systemPierre-Yves Le Traon (IFREMER)
Towards Mapping the Ocean Surface Topography at 1 km ResolutionLee-Lueng Fu (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech)
The Future of Altimetry in Measuring Ocean Surface Waves from SpaceJean-Michel Lefèvre (Meteo-France)
Round table: Requirements for the Future of Altimetry
  Douglas Alsdorf
David Sandwell
Duncan Wingham
Pierre-Yves Letraon
Lee-Lueng Fu
David Anderson
Jean-François Minster
Moderators: Jean-Louis Fellous and Stan Wilson
Concluding Remarks
  Jérôme Benveniste and Yves Ménard
 OSTST Meeting, Plenary Session, Sala Perla
 Poster session - Cocktail, Sala Adriatico 
Day 5, Friday 17 March 2006
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Cal/Val and data consistency, Part 1: in-situ and regionalChairs: P. Bonnefond, B. Haines and S. Nerem
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Sea-State Bias and Re-tracking Analysis Splinter Chairs: P. Callahan, O.Z. Zanife
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Tides/high-frequency aliasing splinterChairs: R. Ray, R. Ponte, F. Lyard
 ARGO Workshop 
 ARGO Workshop, session 1: Heat and Salt  
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Cal/Val and data consistency, Part 1: in-situ and regionalChairs: P. Bonnefond, B. Haines and S. Nerem
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Sea-State Bias and Re-tracking Analysis SplinterChairs: P. Callahan, O.Z. Zanife
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Tides/high-frequency aliasing splinterChairs: R. Ray, R. Ponte, F. Lyard
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, session 2: Watermass changes  
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Cal/Val and data consistency, Part 2: globalChairs: S. Desai and N. Picot
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Precise Orbit Determination and GeoidChairs: J.P. Berthias, J. Ries
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Precise Orbit Determination and GeoidChairs: V. Rosmorduc, M. Srinivasan
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, Poster Session  
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Cal/Val and data consistency, Part 2: globalChairs: S. Desai and N. Picot
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Precise Orbit Determination and GeoidChairs: J.P. Berthias, J. Ries
 OSTST Splinter Meeting 
 Precise Orbit Determination and GeoidChairs: V. Rosmorduc, M. Srinivasanth
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, session 3: Ocean circulation  
Day 6, Saturday 18 March 2006
 OSTST Meeting 
 OSTST Meeting, Plenary Session 
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, Session 4: Climate applications and operational use  
 OSTST Meeting 
 OSTST Meeting, Plenary Session 
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, Session 5: The upper ocean  
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop  
 ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, Session 6: New technologies and future prospects  
Sala Perla, 1750ARGO Workshop 
  ARGO Workshop, Open discussion and closing remarks  


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