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Dr Hervé Yésou
SERTIT, Université of Strasbourg, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg
Tel: +33(0) 3 90 24 46 43
Fax: +33 (0) 3 90 24 46 46


Hervé Yésou received his Ph.D in 1993 in "merging of remote sensing data for geological applications" from the University of Strasbourg. A member of SERTIT', Herve Yesou is a remote sensing specialist in charge of the hazards and environmental applications.

In the 90's, he participated to major EO programs through pilot projects on the exploitation of SAR and optical data: ERS1-2, SPOT 4 MIR and SPOT 5 SIR C/X-SAR for ADRO Radarsat. He was coordinator for an ENVISAT project on wetland monitoring in France and Poland as well as the ESA Water and Fire project on the exploitation of SAR time series and VHR optical data. (Grassland mapping and management, embroachment characterization etc ).

He is now PI for ALOS and Cosmo Skymed Pilot projects and recently a& Deismos research project debin. He has been the European leader of the Flood DRAGON project (2004- 2008), he is now conducting the Wetland-Flood” DRAGON 2 project. Test sites of these projects (Alos, Cosmo,Deismos and Dragon) are major Chinese wetlands, mostly Poyang lake, plus Dongting lake and Zhalong. On the topics of monitoring in term of water resource, inundation periods, vegetation mapping with epidemiological implications. In Asia, he participates also in Planet Action projects ,over sensitive mangroves and wetlands areas in Vietnam and Central China.

Since 2000 he has been the external expert for CNES on the definition of VHR future sensors, participating to the ORFEO thematic groups. For CNES, he also conducted a study on thematic feasibility of GEO-LEO system for environmental and risk management.

In addition, he is a key member of the SERTIT rapid mapping service, being involved in the Space and Major Disaster Charter action, triggered after major floods such as Gard 2002; Haiti 2004; Romania 2005, Katrina 2005, or earthquakes, Algers 2003, Tsunami 2004; Pakistan 2005, Central European Flooding 2006, Nargis-Maynmar 2008, Haïti 2008; Within the GMES SAFER project, in 2010 he has conducted rapid mapping actions for the events such as Xynthia France, Var France, Mozambique, Croatia, Moldavia . He was also involved in few exercises for Civil Defence, EUROMED 2007, Richter 2008, or within the former EU GMOSS network (GNEX06, GNEX 07).

Activities in education

Hervé Yésou has presented advanced courses on Image Processing, since the end of the 90's within the framework of cooperation projects in West Africa and Europe. In 2003, he also ensured a lectures and training in China on the exploitation of Earth Observation data for disaster rapid mapping in the framework of the Sino French Catachina project. He also regularly participated to seminars on the topics of natural hazards organized at master and doctorate levels (Athens, Telecom Paris) or for a wider public. He also participated to part of ESA Training courses: Lisbon 2007, Pragua 2009 Hanoi 2008, and recent ESA-MOST “Dragon 2 advanced Land Training course”, Wuhan 2008,Lanzhou 20110. Since 1990, he has supervised more than 20 research students to graduation (MSc) in optical and radar remote sensing applications for environmental/hazards domains.

Distinctions / Memberships

Hervé Yésou has been consulted as an expert on water and Remote sensing Programmes for national (ANR) and international projects (Canada, Luxembourg, EU, and Portugal). He is an active member of the ESA Category-1 Advisory Group and participates to ESA scientific committees.

He has an important scientific journals reviewing activity: International Remote Sensing, since 1995, Computer and Electonics in Agriculture, Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, IEEE trans Rem. Sensing, Revue Télédétection.

Selected publications

Since 1990, the obtained results lead to numerous publications with:
- Reviewed journal papers (20)
- Conference presentations / abstracts (more than 120)
- Scientific and technical reports (87)

Yésou Hervé, Huber Claire, Lai Xijun, Averty Stéphane, Li Jiren, Daillet Sylviane, Bergé-Nguyen Muriel , Chen Xiaoling, Huang Shifeng, James Burnham), Crétaux Jean-François, Marie Tiphanie Li Jinggang Andreoli Rémi , Uribe Carlos , 2010: Nine years of monitoring of water resource over the Yangtze middle reaches exploiting ENVISAT, MODIS, Beijing 1 time series, altimetric data, and field measurements: Accepted to : "Lakes & Reservoirs: Research and Management" Journal

Huber Claire, Lai Xijun, Uribe Carlos, Huang Shifeng, Marie Tiphanie, Chen Xiaoling, Andréoli Rémi, Li Jiren, Yésou Hervé. Influence of spatial resolution on water bodies detection and relationship between water extent and water level, Case of Poyang Lake (PR China). ESA SP 686, Proceedings of « Living Planet Symposium », 27 June – 2 July 2010, Bergen, Norway.

YESOU H., LI Jiren, DAILLET S., LAI X., BERGE M. CHEN X. HUANG S, CRETEAUX JF, HUBER C., MARIE T., Li J. ANDREOLI R., URIBE C., 2009: large inland lakes monitoring exploiting conjointly Envisat low and medium resolution image times series and altimetric data. Case yang and Dongting lakes (P.R. China) from 2000 to 2008 within DRAGON project ESA SP 674, Proceedings of “Earth observation and the water cycle”, 18-20 November 2009, Frascati, Italy

LEEUW J, SHANKMAN D., WU G., Boer FW, BURNHAM M., HE Q., YESOU H. and XIAO J., 2010: Strategic assessment of the magnitude and impacts of sand mining in Poyang lake, China, Reg. Env. Change10, 2, 95-102

ANDREOLI R. , YÉSOU Y. , LI J., DESNOS Y-L. , SHIFENG H. , DE FRAIPONT P, 2008: yang Lake (Jiangxi Province, Pop. Rep. of China) Area Variations between January 2004 and June 2006 Using ENVISAT Low and Medium Resolution Time Series. Journ. GIS. Vol 13, 01-02, 24-35

LI JIREN, N YÉSOU H, MALOSTI R, ANDREOLI R, HUANG S , XIN J, CATTANEO F. , 2008: Near Real time exploitation of ENVISAT for flood monitoring in PR China during the 2005,2006 and 2007 raining and typhoons seasons. Final results of the Dragon Programme, ESA Special Publication (SP-655).

YESOU Hervé, ALLENBACH Bernard, ANDREOLI Rémi, BATTISTON Stéphanie, BESTAULT Claude, 2007: Synergy of high SAR and optical data fr flood monitoring: the 2005-2006 Central European gained experience, ENVISAT Symposium, Montreux, ESA

ANDREOLI R YÉSOU H, 2007: Assessment of the change detection procedure dedicated to flood monitoring using Wide Swath mode data. Final results of the Dragon Programme, ESA Special Publication (SP-655)

YESOU H, C. MEYER, S. CLANDILLON et P. DE FRAIPONT, 2001 : Apport des futures données haute et très haute résolution du satellite SPOT 5 pour la gestion de l'espace : Bull. SFPT.164-165, 162-136.

YÉSOU H., P. CHASTANET, P. DE FRAIPONT,P. DOSSMANN, N. STOCK, J. BÉQUIGNON 2001:Mapping Floods in France, Backscatter,vol 12, 3, 23_26.