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Dr Thuy Le Toan
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Dr Thuy Le Toan has a PhD in atom and nuclear physics from the University of Toulouse, France. She is currently the Head of the research team in Remote Sensing in the Center for the Study of the Biosphere from Space (CESBio), a joint research centre of the university of Toulouse , the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Center of Spatial Studies (CNES). Her research activity has been in the area of microwave remote sensing applied to natural surfaces, including experimentation and modeling of microwave interaction with agricultural and forested media, and analysis of SAR images for land applications. Her current interest is on the use of remote sensing data to quantify the effect of land processes on the carbon cycle. She has been a Project Coordinator and Principal Investigator on many of the European SAR campaigns , and PI of several ERS, JERS-1, SIR-C/XSAR, RADARSAT projects. She has also been involved in numerous studies for the E.U., ESA, NASA, NASDA and national organisations on the modelling of SAR data and the use of SAR in applications. These include co-ordination and PI-ship in European and ESA projects including projects using radars for rice monitoring in Indonesia, France and Vietnam, and for forest observations (co-ordinator of the E.U. project 'European Forestry Observations using Radars' (EUFORA) and partner of E.U. projects (SIBERIA-I and SIBERIA-II).

Activities in education

Thuy Le Toan has given post graduate lectures in Remote Sensing at the University Paul Sabatier. She has presented lectures on SAR Remote Sensing in Europe, South America and Asia. She has directed more than 25 PhD thesis in France, and has co-directed several PhDs through international collaboration (Italy, USA, Thailand). Thuy Le Toan was a lecturer for the Dragon advanced training course in land remote sensing 2005.

Distinctions / Memberships Member of scientific Committee of International Symposium IGARSS, PIERS, and of French and European workshops.
Technical Chair of the "Progress in Electromagnetic Research Symposium" PIERS 98, Nantes, France, 1998.
Founder of the Symposium International "Extraction of bio-geophysical parameters from SAR data for land applications", Toulouse, October 1994.
Co-President, URSI Commission F (Remote sensing and Propagation), France. Member of SIR-C Science Working Group-NASA, SAR Science Advisory Group- ESA, Member of SAR group CNES.
Evaluator of research projects for NASA, ESA, NASDA, CNES, and other research organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, UK. Guest editor, IEEE Transactions in Geosciences and Remote Sensing 1996 and 2002.

Selected publications

Quegan S., T. Le Toan, J.J. Yu, F. Ribbes, N. Floury "Estimating temporate forest area with multitemporal SAR data" IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. 38, No 2, 741-753, March 2000.
Mattia F., T. Le Toan, M.W.J. Davidson "An analytical, numerical and experimental study on scattering from multiscale rough surfaces" Radio Science, 2000.
Mattia F., T. Le Toan "Backscattering properties of multiscale rough surfaces" Journal of Electromagnetic waves and Applications, Vol. 13, 491-526, 1999. Ribbes F., and T. Le Toan "Ricefield mapping and monitoring with RADARSAT data" Int.J. Remote Sensing, Vol. 20, No 4, 745-765, 1999.
Mattia F., T. Le Toan "Backscattering properties of Multiscale Rough Surfaces" Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Publications, vol. 13, 491-526, 1999.
Mattia, F., Le Toan T., Souyris J.C., De Carolis G., Floury N., Posa F., Pasquariello G., 1997 "The effect of surface roughness on multifrequency polarimetric SAR data" IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol.35, no.4, pp.954-966, July 1997.
Le Toan T. , Ribbes F., Floury N., Wang L., Kong J.A., Kurosu T. and Fujita M., 1997 "Rice Crop Mapping and Monitoring Using ERS-1 Data Based on Experiment and Modeling Results" IEEE Transaction on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, Vol 35, No1, pp 41-56, Jan 1997.
Le Toan T., A. Beaudoin, J. Riom and D. Guyon "Relating forest biomass to SAR data" IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sensing, 30, 403-411, 1992