SMOS 07 Posters

High Resolution Geophysical Data and Smos Data Generation for End to End Simulations and Algorithm Validation Studies
I. Meirold-Mautner, F. Petitcolin and J.-L. Vergely

Numerical Simulations of Sea Surface Salinity Retrievals Using the Smos L2 Processing Algorithm
N Reul, J Tenerelli

Using the Argo Dataset for SMOS Salinity Products Validation
Jérôme Gourrion, Nicolas Reul, Bertrand Chapron and Jordi Font

Expectation-maximization Analysis of Satellite Time Series Expectation
Alfredo L. Aretxabaleta, Keston W. Smith, Jordi Font

Assessment of Sunglint Effects Over Land
M.j. Escorihuela, Y. Kerr, J. Walker, K. Saleh, F. Cabot

CP34: a Smos High Level Data Processing Centre
Jordi Font, Joaquín Villanueva and the INDRA-GMV-INSA CP34 Development Team

Description of the Smos L3 Algorithm for Sea Surface Salinity
G. Jordà and D. Gomis

Distribution of surface soil moisture: Measuring and modelling at the Rur test sites for SMOS Cal/Val
C. Montzka et al.

Example Effects of the Preliminary Cal/Val Campaign in Poland, Polesie, Szymbark
W. Marczewski et al.

Iowa Validation Site: validating remotely-sensed measurements of the land surface hydrologic cycle
B. Hornbuckle et al.

Nonlinear Regression Models for Vertical Salinity Profiles: Nonlinear Impact of Sea Surface Salinity Observations Impact
Joaquim Ballabrera, Baptiste Mourre, Emilio García-Ladona, and Jordi Font

The Santander standard section, the AGL Buoy and SMOS validation in the southern bay of Biscay
A. Lavin et al.

The SMOS Barcelona Expert Centre on Radiometric Calibration and Ocean Salinity and
J. Font et al.

Transbounduary Net of Soil Monitoring at the Area of International West Polesie
W. Skierucha et al.

CALIMAS: CALibration - validation of CALIMAS (CAL Interferometric Microwave And Salinity) Products: Overview and current status
Adriano Camps, Jordi Font, Ignasi Corbella, Mercé Vall·llossera, Jordi MallorquÍ, Emilio GarcÍa, Alonso HernÁndezguerra, Marcos Portabella, Alicia LavÍn, Antonio Rius, Aida FernÁndez RÍos, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy

The Smos End-to-end Performance Simulator the End (seps): Recent Improvements in Support to the Smos Cal/val Smos
Adriano Camps, Marco Talone, Mercedes Vall-Llossera, Alessandra Monerris, Paolo Ferrazzoli, Ignasi Corbella, Nuria Duffo, Francesc Torres

ECMWF Background Errors on L-band Brightness Temperatures Over the Smosrex Field Experiment. Convergence Between Cmem and Lmeb Models
P. de Rosnay et al

Sea Surface Roughness Empirical Model derived from SMOS Data
C. Gabarro et al.

Vertical Variability of Sea Surface Salinity : Consequences for Smos Calibration / Validation Phase
C. Henocq, J. Boutin, F. Petitcolin, S. Aarnault, P. Lattes

Smos Soil Moisture Retrieval Software Smos
V. Rivalland, G. Moreaux, A. Chanzy

Estimation of soil moisture from SMOS SEPSBIO simulated dataset using neural network
B. Berthelot et al.

GLOSCAL, Progresses in the description of the variability of sea surface salinity: from the sub-pixel to the global scale
F. Gaillard

Soil Moisture Patterns and Spatial-Temporal Variability at the REMEDHUS Field Site (Spain): the SMOS Pixel Inhomogeneity
J. Martinez-Fernandez

Multi-frequency microwave emission of broadleaf forests in Italy
S. Paloscia

The DOMEX-2 Experiment : a contribution to SMOS calibration
G. Macelloni

Synergies between SMOS and ASCAT Soil Moisture Cal/Val Activities
W. Wagner

UPC MIRAS/SMOS Testing and Performance Tool
I. Corbella, F. Torres, V. González, N. Duffo, A. Camps, M. Val-llossera

Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval Using Neural Networks: Building an Improved Learning Database
Adel Ammar, Sylvie Labroue, Estelle Obligis, Sylvie Thiria, Michel Crépon, Carlos Mejia

Historical Data Set of Global Soil Moisture
Richard de Jeu, Manfred Owe, Thomas Holmes

Evaluation of AMSR-E Soil Moisture Products
C. Gruhier, P. de Rosnay, P. Richaume, Y. Kerr, C. Rüdiger, G. Boulet, K. Saleh, J. P. Walker, E. Mougin, E. Ceschia, J,-C. Calvet

Multi-resolution Validation of the L-MEB algorithm during BAFE'05
R. Panciera, J. Walker, J. Kalma, E. Kim, J. Hacker, O. Merlin, J-P. Wigneron, K. Saleh, J. Grant

Surface Salinity Response to Forcing and Parameter Perturbations in A Regional Model of the Eastern North Atlantic
Baptiste Mourre, Joaquim Bellabrera-Poy, Emilio Garcia-Ladona and Jordi Font