7th SMOS Workshop

Calibration, Validation and Commissioning


The 7th SMOS workshop will focus on the preparation of the SMOS commissioning phase and related calibration and validation activities.

Following the successful testing of the MIRAS instrument the SMOS platform and payload are presently merged for final assembly, integration and test activities to form the full SMOS satellite (see http://www.esa.int/esaLP/SEMEBD9OY2F_LPsmos_0.html). Most of the efforts are thus directed towards the development of the ground segment and calibration and validation and commissioning phase activities. These efforts will be discussed in synergy with currently ongoing work on NASA's Aquarius (retrieval algorithms, calibration and validation) and other missions (ASCAT, AMSR-E etc), as well as the use of relevant auxiliary data - in view of paving the way for the future steps.

The various topics will be introduced by oral presentations, providing "fuel" for the discussions: in dedicated sessions, during the breaks and around the posters session, covering a large variety of SMOS activities.

The workshop aims to:

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