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The objective of this workshop is to bring together hydrologists, both developing models and collecting in-situ data, from ‘global scale’ to ‘regional scale”, and space scientists in order to develop further scientific interactions between these communities and develop new demand-driven products, tailored to hydrological requirements.


1. Global hydrological modelling: objectives, state of the art, improvement and requirements, contribution of space observations.
2. From Large-scale hydrology to Small-scale hydrology: Do hydrology requirements depend on scale? How space techniques can answer these challenges?
3. Monitoring Spatio-temporal changes of surface waters: applications to climate research and water resources management and contribution of space observations.
4. Space techniques to measure hydrological variables
  •   Global land hydrology and its geodynamic effects
  •   Radar altimetry processing for inland water levels
  •   SAR for DEM and water surface characterization
  •   Accuracy and space-time resolution needed for global and regional hydrological model parameters
  •   Rain, snow and ice cover in river watershed and its role in the formation of river discharge
  •   Steps towards estimation of river discharge from space
  •   Other applications of space observations in large river basins (e.g., sediments transport, systematic mapping of wet areas, flood monitoring, use of altimetry for vertical referencing, etc.)
5. Data assimilation of space observations applied to hydraulic parameter identification. Expected potential of space data in hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling.
6. Strategic combinations of satellite and ground-based data for large scale hydrological monitoring: improvement expected.
7. Round table discussion: Current and future challenges in hydrology: What are they and how to face them? How to strengthen the collaboration between the two communities: hydrologists and space observation scientists? Synthesis and recommendations: action plan, future workshops.


The workshop was open to all interested parties, from scientists to operational users in water management. Scientists from three different fields - remote sensing experts, modelers in hydrology and in-situ data gatherers were represented.


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