Interannual Variations of River Water Storage in the Rio Negro River basin from a Multiple Satellite Approach
Frappart, F.1; Papa, F.2; Famiglietti, J.3; Prigent, C.1; Rossow, W.2; Seyler, F.4; 1CNRS, 2NOAA, 3UCI, 4IRD

Spatio-temporal variations of water volume over inundated areas located in large river basin have been determined using combined observations from a multi-satellite inundation dataset, the Topex/Poseidon (T/P) altimetry satellite, and in-situ hydrographic stations for the water levels over rivers and floodplains. We computed maps of monthly surface water volume change over eight successive years (1993-2000), the period of common availability of T/P and the multisatellite data. The basin of the Negro River, the tributary which carries the largest discharge to the Amazon River, was selected as a test site. A strong seasonal signal is observed with minima in October and maxima in June. A strong interannual component is also present, particularly important during ENSO years. The surface water volume change is then compared to the total (i.e., surface plus underground) water volume change inferred from the GRACE satellite for an averaged year.


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