Altimetry Data Product Quality Control
Nogueira Loddo, C.1; Faugère, Y.2; Zanife, O.2; Soussi, B.2; Féménias, P.3
1Serco SpA, 2CLS, 3ESA/ESRIN

The Altimetry System on ENVISAT has now successfully operated more then 5 years in-orbit and with the ENVISAT mission being extended until 2010 the instrument will significantly exceed its originally specified mission lifetime. For this reason, the Altimetry instruments and products assessment becomes more and more important to ensure high level of accuracy of products delivered to user communities. The operational ENVISAT product monitoring tasks are accomplished, on behalf of ESA, by the DPQC (Data Processing and Quality Control), a consortium of specialized companies collecting engineering and scientific expertise all over Europe. Within the DPQC, the performances and quality of the Altimetry instruments and products are assessed by the Altimetry team. The role of this team includes the routine data quality control at near real time (NRT) level, advanced instrument performances assessment, anomaly investigation and solving, etc. This paper is aimed to present the activities and main results obtained by the Altimetry team. In particular the temporary operational correction implemented for the RA-2 Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) anomaly, as it allows ENVISAT RA2 data to recover their high level of accuracy. It also aims to inform the users on an important achievement: the so-called S Band Anomaly is no more affecting RA-2 data thanks to the implementation of an on-board Patch developed by Thales Alenia.


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