ERS1/2 Scatterometer New Products: Mission Reprocessing and Data Quality Improvement
De Chiara, G.1, Crapolicchio, R.1, Lecomte, P.2
1Serco SpA, 2ESA/ESRIN

Since the beginning of the ERS-1 Scatterometer mission in 1991 a long dataset of backscattering signal from the Earth surface is available for studies and researches. The Scatterometer has been originally designed for wind retrieval over the ocean but now it is proved that Scatterometer data may be also useful for other applications over land such as soil moisture, vegetation and ice cover which require high spatial resolution products. The need of high quality products and of a long homogeneous set of measurements has leaded ESA to develop the project Advanced Scatterometer Processing System (ASPS). The aim of the ASPS is to reprocess the entire ERS1/2 Scatterometer mission data set as well as to provide new scientific products with an enhanced resolution (25km). The scope of this paper is to present to the users community the description of the new ASPS product, an overview of the ASPS system, the current state of the ERS-2 Scatterometer instrument and the quality of the measurements .


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