River Water Levels over the Murray-Darling Basin from ENVISAT and Comparison with TOPEX/Poseidon and in situ Data
Deng, X1; Deng, X1; Shum, CK2; Shum, CK2; Willgoose, G1; Willgoose, G1
1The University of Newcastle; 2The Ohio State University

The Murray-Darling Basin is one of Australia's largest drainage divisions, which includes the Darling River at 2740 km, the Murray at 2530 km and the Murrumbidgee at 1690 km - the three largest rivers in Australia. The ENVISAT satellite is used to monitor the water levels over the Basin. To deliver reliable water levels for the Basin, the data from ENVISAT Geophysical Data Records (GDR) RA-2 (since 2002) are used. The GDR RA-2 contains altimeter ranges derived from four specialized retracking algorithms over different type of surfaces. The ranges from the Ice-1 algorithm, which is proved to provide more accurate water levels over the Amazon basin from Frappart et al. (2006), are first compared with those from TOPEX/Poseidon (T/P) and in situ gauge measurements. The water level time series over the Basin are then constructed using altimeter ranges from both ENVISAT and T/P altimetry. The annual and inter-annual cycles of the water level changes are also analysed.


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