Flood Zone Investigation by using Satellite and Aerial Imagery
Daneshbod, Y
Arsanjan Islamic Azad University

Flood is one of the natural disasters that the control or decrees of its damages, needs a special planning. The first step of flood control, is to recognize flooding areas and flood risk zones, so based on this study, the flood damages could be reduced to its minimal amount. In this research the Baron dam watershed in north west of Iran is studied. By using Landsat TM, Goggle earth images and the geomorphologic and physiographic studies, the flood zones were classified into 4 zones of sever, moderate, low, and non-hazardous. Results of satellite image interpretation show that there are 2754.8 ha of sever zone, 5292 ha of moderate zone, 3041.85 ha of low zone, and finally 87482 ha were classified as non-hazardous. The results show the fact that, the use of satellite images in the areas which lack terrestrial data is very useful and interpretation of such images is a fast and economical solution to recognize and classify flood risk areas or it can be used to estimate the flood damages in the shortest time.


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