Rating curve in the Amazon Basin combining altimetry-derived water stages and discharge propagated from remote stations
Leon, J-G1; Seyler, F.2; Bonnet, M-P3; Calmant, S.3
1Univ. Nac. da Colombia; 2IRD/LMTG; 3IRD

Provide distributed discharges is a major task of hydrological monitoring. However, fewer and fewer in-situ measurements are collected each year wherever over the world. Hence, search for methods predicting distributed discharges using satellite data is among the major current goals of the scientific community. We present rating curves obtained by combining water stages from satellite altimetry and discharges propagated from remote gauging stations using a 1D Muskingum model. The altimetry data used come from the TOPEX/Poséidon and ENVISAT missions. The overall error on the parameters of the rating curve, related to both the stage values and propagating the discharges, is estimated trough the "null discharge" height. This parameter which outcomes from fitting the stage-discarge pairs with a classical power law is compared to river depths collected with ADCP devices during field cruises. The difference between this "zero discharge height" and the river depths is about 10% of the depth itself, indicating that the reliability of these rating curve is similar to that of in-situ curves, e.g. the error in discharge predicted using these curves is around 15- 20%.


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