Study of Prespa and Vegoritis Lakes Using Multisensor Remote Sensing Data
Charou, E.1; Stefouli, M.2

The proper management of water resources is an issue of worldwide concern nowadays. Lake Vegoritis and Lake Prespa are important water impoundments located in the northern part of Greece. Modern information processing techniques are applied to multi ssensor satellite data such as LANDSAT-ETM and ASTER data, for extracting useful information regarding water clarity, which serves as an indicator of water quality in a lake. Changes of the area extent of the lakes are estimated from the temporal satellite images. Coastline is also mapped accurately and useful conclusions concerning land use change are drawn. Surface water temperature patterns of the lakes are mapped and anomalies are identified. The multi-temporal nature of the satellite data gives the opportunity to compare the status of surface water in different dates.

KEYWORDS Remote sensing, GIS, lake monitoring, water quality.


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