Space Hydrology: What We Can Expect Today from the GRACE Mission
Biancale, R1; Lemoine, J-M1; Bruinsma, S1; Perosanz, F1; Balmino, G1; Bourgogne, S2; Ramilien, G3

Since 2002 the GRACE satellite mission has innovated a new means of surveying water mass variations on ground at very large scale (over 500km presently). This can be achieved through micrometric inter-satellite measurements at nearly 500 km altitude. Nevertheless the procedure for isolating water mass variations is quite complex and depends mainly on the a priori knowledge and modelling of other sources of mass displacement (solid Earth, atmosphere, oceanů). We propose here:

- to show how continental mass variations are computed from space data;
- to evaluate mass variations per hydrologic basin; from 2002 to 2007;
- to compare with some hydrological models or other in situ data.

The GRGS GRACE water mass variation products are available to the scientific community through the BGI web site ( They could be used for refining the large scales of hydrological models.


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