New Hydrological Products Based on Satellite Altimetry, Space Gravimetry & Satellite Imagery in the HydroWeb Data Base
Gennero, M-C.; Cretaux, J-F.; Berge-Nguyen, M.; Llovell, W.; Daillet, S.; Cazenave, A.; Calmant, S.

We present a world wide database "HydroWeb" (accessible via internet) of water level time series for major rivers, continental lakes and floodplains. These time series are mainly based on altimetry data from Topex/Poseidon and Envisat for rivers, but also from ERS-1&2, Envisat, GFO and Jason-1 over lakes, when possible. The water level time series cover the period 1993 up to 2006. At present the database includes water level time series of about 150 lakes and reservoirs and 160 virtual stations over major rivers. It also includes several water level time series over floodplains.

More recently we have added two new products into "HydroWeb" : (1) near real time series based on IGDR data Envisat ; (2) volume time series obtained from GRACE, for large river basins. In addition we also present results of lakes and reservoirs water volume change based on combined altimetry and imagery data. The latter study is conducted in the context of GCOS (Global Climate Observing System).


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