Representation of Rivers and Lakes within the Forthcoming ACE2 GDEM
Smith, R.1; Berry, P.1; Benveniste, J2
1De Montfort University; 2ESA ESRIN

The Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission has generated a unique and valuable dataset, allowing the generation of a Digital Elevation Model of unprecedented accuracy and spatial resolution over much of the earth’s land surface. However, one of the limitations of the SRTM dataset is the representation of River and Lake heights. Whilst several researchers have attempted to derive lake and river height information from the SRTM dataset, the accuracy of these heights over large bodies of water is uncertain and over smaller water bodies no values are given. One of the goals of the ACE2 development is to provide the best possible mean height estimates over lakes and to verify or replace the SRTM river values using heights derived from multi-mission Satellite Radar Altimetry. This paper presents case studies outlining the approach taken and shows the results of fusing the Altimeter based data with the SRTM heights for inclusion in ACE2.


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