Enviromental Database and Geographic Information System for Socio - Economic Planning
Omidiora, E B
Institute of Ecology and Enviromental Science ILE IFE Nigeria

Geographic information system has helped in taking integrated land resource inventory with other Geo-coded statistics. These environmental database are used in predicting some disaster such as flood, erosion and drought. Also it is used to estimate the wind speed frequency distribution at OSU, Nigeria. A GIS is designed to accept large volume of spatial data derived from a variety of sources including remote sensing sensor and to effectively Store, Retrieve, Manipulate, Analysed and Display these data according to user defined specification. Planning organisation need vast amount of accurate and timely information on physical Resources and related socio-economic factors to help guide their management and Planning Decision.

Application also include 1. Environmental impact of forestry plantation 2.Biomass production (Herbal eons and forestry plants) for energetic and industrial uses.


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