SMOS mission products over land
Mialon, A.1; Escorihuela, M.J.2; Kerr, Y.H.2; Walteufel, P.2; Richaume, P.2; Cabot, F.2; Wigneron, J.P.2; Delwart, S.3; Saleh, K.4; Mecklenburg, S.3
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The SMOS mission will provide for the first soil moisture and ocean salinity at the global scale. The principle for soil moisture monitoring is the high sensitivity of L-band measurements to surface soil water content (typically 0 - 5 cm deep). Over land areas, SMOS will provide global surface soil moisture maps every 3 days and vegetation water content every 10 days. Temporal analysis of the basic data and merging with remote sensing databases and models will allow estimating different hydrological variables. In this way, daily global maps of soil moisture at the reference spatial resolution, as well as more sophisticated products will be provided: rainfall, high resolution soil moisture, root zone soil moisture, flooding, water bodies, fire risk index maps using different approaches and auxiliary data as well as in synergy with other sensors The presentation will describe the potential SMOS hydrological products over land and how they will be derived.


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