Leakage of continental hydrology in seawater mass change estimations from space in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

Fenoglio-Marc L. (1), Becker M. (1), Kusche J. (2), Rietbroek R. (2)
(1) Institut fuer Physikalische Geodaesie, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt Petersenstrasse 13, Germany
(2) GeoForschungsZentrum Telegraphenberg 326, Potsdam, Germany

The leakage of land hydrology has a sizeable effect on the oceanic mass estimated from GRACE in small ocean basins, as the land signal is typically much larger. Its magnitude depends on the dimension of the region, on the smoothing applied to GRACE and the type of the signal.

Hydrological models are used to correct for this leakage effect. Departures between the models may cause significant differences in water mass change in the coastal regions.

The resulting improvement in the seawater mass estimates is evaluated by comparison with steric-corrected altimeter basin averages. Results for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea are shown.


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