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In the initial phase, from KO to SRR, high-level requirements and operational scenarios were gathered from ESA, the Project Partners and the consortium, and a set of consolidated scenarios were produced. The specifications of the architecture and services were then derived from these scenarios and a subset of the requirements was selected for validation by prototyping.

In the following phase, from SRR to PDR, the specifications were used to produce the architecture design of the EO DAIL and the ICD’s to a selected set of services. These ICD’s were then submitted to a standards body for acceptance, giving them an international legitimacy. 2 standardisation routes were followed in parallel:

The remaining of the project saw the detailed design, implementation and testing of the prototype. Meanwhile the ICD were updated according with the latest outcomes up to the final document issues. 

The Project partners were involved at all stages of the program to make sure that the proposed solution meet the approval of the main European data providers.


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