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The HMA-I study project has consisted of 2 main set of tasks:

  • The tasks included as part of the original SoW and kicked-off in September 2005, thereafter referred as core project
  • The tasks added later on in the project in response to new needs and kicked-off in September 2006, thereafter referred to as additional tasks

The project followed a classic waterfall approach with a set of workshops and project reviews according with the following ECSS-based schedule and milestones:

  Milestone/Review/Event   Date
  Kick-Off   September 2005
  HMA Scenario and Services Workshop   25-26-27-28 October 2005
  HMA Requirements Workshop   24-25 January 2006
  Software Requirement Review (SRR)   2 February 2006
  HMA Standards Workshop   27-28 April 2006
  Preliminary Design Review (PDR)   6-7 June 2006
  Critical Design Review (CDR)   5-6 September 2006
  Acceptance Review (AR)   28-29 November 2006
  Final Presentation (FP)   27-28 February 2007
  Identity Management Prototype Review (IMPR)   21-22 June 2007
  Final Data Package Issue   31 October 2007


The project reviews were designed to fit the development of the prototype software

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