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Chapter 5

5.1 Acronyms And Abbrieviations

ADS Auxiliary or Annotation Data Set

AGC Automatic Gain Control

ALS Alenia Spazio, Rome

BITE Built In Test Equipment

CAL MWR Calibration Switch

CEU MWR Central Electronic Unit

CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic

CG Chirp Generator

CH1 MWR 23.8 GHz Channel

CH2 MWR 36.5 GHz Channel

CoM Centre of Mass

CW Continuous Wave

DB Data Block

DFT Discrete Fourier Transform

DPM Detailed Processing Model

DRM Deramping Mixer

DS MWR Dicke Switch

DSD Data Set Descriptor

DSR Data Set Record

EGSE Electrical Ground Support Equipment

EMC Electro-Magnetic Compatibility

EQ Equipment

EQ PWR Equipment Power Bus

EQ SOL Equipment Switch-Off Line

ERS European Remote Sensing Satellite (hence ERS1, ERS2 )

ESA European Space Agency

ESL Expert Support Laboratories

ESRIN European Space Research Institute

ESTEC European Space TECnical Centre

FEE Front End Electronics

FEP Font End Processor

FFT Fast Fourier Transform

FGCU Frequency Generation and Conversion Unit

FTN Force To Nominal Command

GDR Geophysical Data Record

GUI Graphical User Interface

HL MWR Hot Load

HSM High Speed Multiplexer

HTR Heater

HTR PWR Heater Power Bus

ICU Instrument Control Unit

ID Identification/Identifier

IF Intermediate Frequency

I/F Interface

IODD Input/Output Definitions Document

ISO Isolator

ISP Instrument Source Packet

LBR Low Bit Rate scientific data interface

LEGOS Laboratoire d'Etude en Geophysique et Oceanographie Spatiale

LFM Linear Frequency Modulated

LIP Level 2 Ice Processor (reference processor)

LO Local Oscillator

LO24 MWR 23.8 GHz Local Oscillator Unit

LO37 MWR 36.5 GHz Local Oscillator Unit

LOP Level 2 Ocean Processor (reference processor)

LRR Laser Retro Reflector

LSB Least Significant Bit

MA Mixer Amplifier

MA24 MWR 23.8 GHz Mixer Amplifier Unit

MA37 MWR 36.5 GHz Mixer Amplifier Unit

MCD Measurement Confidence Data (flag)

MDSR Main Data Set Record

MFT Model Free Tracker

MGSE Mechanical Ground Support Equipment

MH Measurement Horn

MH24 MWR 23.8 GHz Measurement Horn

MH37 MWR 36.5 GHz Measurement Horn

MIX Mixer

MLI Multi-Layer Insulation (Thermal Blankets)

MPH Main Product Header

MSB Most Significant Bit

MSSL Mullard Space Science Laboratory (University College London)

MUX Multiplexer

MWR Microwave Radiometer

N/A Not Applicable

NPM Noise Power Measurement

NRT Near Real Time (data processing)

OBDH OnBoard Data Handling

OCOG Offset Centre of Gravity (retracker algorithm)

OMT Orthomode Transducer

OPR Ocean PRoduct

PCD Product Confidence Data (flag)

PEB Payload Equipment Bay

PDHS Payload Data Handling Station

PFHS Processing Facility and Handling System

PPF Polar PlatForm

PTR Point Target Response

PWR Power

RA-2 Radar Altimeter for ENVISAT

RF Radio Frequency

RFFE MWR RF Front End assembly

Rx Receiver

SA MWR Switching and Load Unit

SDR Sensor Data Record

SH Sky Horn, MWR Cold Calibration source feed-horn

SH24 MWR 23.8 GHz Sky-Horn

SH37 MWR 36.5 GHz Sky-Horn

SNR Signal To Noise Ratio

SPH Specific Product Header

SPSA Signal Processing Subassembly Unit

SW Switch

SWH Significant Wave Height

TC Telecommand

TDS Test Data Set Document

TM Telemetry

UCL University College London

W Watts

WG Waveguide

wrt with respect/reference to

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