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2.9 RA-2/MWR Auxiliary files

2.9.1 Summary of Auxiliary Data Sets

The auxiliary, or external, data sets, used to process the L0 and L1b data, can be divided into static and dynamic data.

The static data (e.g. RA2_CON_AX, or RA2 Configuration file, for L1b, or RA2_SOI_AX, or ocean/ice2 system file, for Level 2) is not updated very frequently.

During Commissioning Phase most of them were modified (e.g. tuning of thresholds, modification of scaling factors, ...), following the L1b and L2 algorithms verification groups activities.

The dynamic data (e.g. RA2_USO_AX, or USO frequency file, for L1b or RA2_POL_AX, or polar motion file, for Level 2) are always updated (tipycally every 2 or 3 days for the Polar motion file, and whenever an USO drift is detected, for the USO file).

The external set of files used for the processing is present in the Data Set Descriptors structure of the output SPH.

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