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2.9.4 Common Auxiliary Data Sets

The auxiliary files used for both Level 1b and Level 2 processing are the following:

RA2_CST_AX (RA2/MWR Constants file)

This file contains constant values (e.g. semi minor/major axis of the ellipsoid, speed of light) that are extracted from the L1b and L2 processing functions such that they are used with the same resolution and accuracy during both levels of processing.

RA2_CHD_AX (RA2 Characterisation file)

This file contains data that describes the basic characteristics of the instrument (e.g. AGC tables chirp slopes) and default calibration factors to be used during the L1b processing in case the nominal processing does not retrieve valid results. Some parameters in this file are also used during the L2 retracking processing (e.g. chirp slopes, factor for PTR width computation).

DOR_POR_AX, DOR_VOR_AX and AUX_FRO_AX (restituted Orbit State vector files)

These files are used to obtain the orbital parameters (lat, long, height and height rate) by using orbit computation routines.

In order to improve the accuracy of the orbital parameters in NRT, a new Orbit file: the DORIS Full rate NRT Navigator file (DOR_NAV_0P) is foreseen to be used for the NRT processing, by using an interpolation routine.

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