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GOCE User Workshop - Proceedings

The Goce Mission

High Level Processing Facility for GOCE: Products and Processing Strategy
R. Rummel, T. Gruber & R. Koop

Oceanography and Synergy between Gravity and Altimetry

Chairs: Keith Haines, Detlef Stammer & Ole Andersen

The GOCINA Project - An Overview and Status
P. Knudsen, R. Forsberg, O. Andersen, D. Solheim, R. Hipkin, K. Haines, J. Johannessen & F. Hernandez

Gravity Field Improvements in the North Atlantic Region
R. Forsberg, A. Olesen, A. Vest, D. Solheim, R. Hipkin, O. Omang & P. Knudsen

Intercomparison of Dynamic Height in the Nordic Seas from Observations and Climate Model Simulations for the Period 1950 to 2000
H. Drange, A. Korablev, J.A. Johannessen, Y. Gao & O.M. Johannessen

Multiscale Modelling of Ocean Circulation
W. Freeden, D. Michel & V. Michel

Impact of Geoid Definition on the Simulated Strength of the Equatorial Undercurrent in a Global Data Assimilation System
F. Vossepoel, P.J. van Leeuwen, J. Bouman, R. Koop & M. Naeije

GOCE Data Product Verification in the Mediterranean Sea
J.J. Martinez Benjamin, Y. Yi, C. Kuo, A. Braun, Y. Chen, S.-C. Han & C.K. Shum

Estimating the Ocean Circulation and the Geoid through a Combined Analysis of Altimetric and GRACE Geoid Information
D. Stammer, A. Köhl & C. Wunsch

Geoid Recent Improvement in Altimetry: How MSS and MDT can Benefit from it in Combination with GOCE Geoid?
F. Hernandez, P. Scheaffer, O. Andersen & J. Dorandeu

Estimation of a Global Mean Dynamic Topography Combining Altimetry, In-Situ Data and a Geoid Model: Impact of GRACE and GOCE Data
M.-H. Rio, F. Hernandez & J.-M. Lemoine

Use of GOCE for Operational Oceanography
F. Hernandez, P.-Y. Le Traon, F. Davidson, G. Larnicol, P. Scheaffer & M.-H. Rio

National Activities Presentations

ROG: French Resources Organisation for GOCE
G. Balmino, S. Deroussi, M. Diament & P. Ultré-Guérard

GOCE Activities in the Netherlands
R. Koop, P. Visser, A. Selig & B. Ambrosius

The Dutch GOCE National User Group – Fact Sheet
R. Koop, P. Visser, A. Selig & B. Ambrosius

The UK GOCE National User Group – Fact Sheet
P.L. Woodworth, C.W. Hughes, T.F. Baker & J. Holt

The German GOCE Community
J. Flury

The GOCE Italy National User Group – Fact Sheet
F. Migliaccio & F. Sansò

Processing Algorithms up to the Geoid and Gravity Field

Chairs: Erricos Pavlis & Thomas Gruber

Recovery of the Earth’s Gravity Field from GOCE Satellite Gravity Gradiometry: a Case Study
O. Abrikosov & P. Schwintzer

GOCE Gravity Field Processing
G. Plank

Computation of Calibration Gradients and Methods for In-Orbit Validation of Gradiometric GOCE Data
J. Müller, H. Denker, F. Jarecki & K.I. Wolf

An Enhanced Space-Wise Simulation for GOCE Data Reduction
F. Migliaccio, M. Reguzzoni, F. Sansň & C.C. Tscherning

Effect of High-Frequency Temporal Aliasing on GOCE Gravity Field Solution
S.-C. Han, C.K. Shum, P. Ditmar, A. Braun & C. Kuo

Precise Orbit Determination and Cal/Val for GOCE
H. Boomkamp, J. Dow & M. Otten

Multiscale Modeling from EIGEN-1S, EIGEN-2, EIGEN-GRACE01S, GGM01, UCPH2002_0.5, EGM96
M.J. Fengler, W. Freeden &M. Gutting

Modeling the Earth's Gravity Field from Precise Satellite Orbit Data: The Acceleration Approach Works!
P. Ditmar, A. Van Eck van der Sluijs & V. Kuznetsov

Poster Session

Numerical Simulation of the Gravity Field Recovery from GOCE Mission Data
S. Bruinsma, J.-C. Marty, G. Balmino

Gravity Gradients and Spherical Harmonics – A Need for Different GOCE Products?
J. Bouman & R. Koop

GOCE Quick-Look Gravity Field Analysis: Treatment of Gravity Gradients Defined in the Gradiometer Reference Frame
R. Pail

GOCE: Dealing with Large Attitude Variations in the Conceptual Structure of the Space-Wise Approach
F. Migliaccio, M. Reguzzoni, F. Sansň & P. Zatelli

Simulation Results from Combination of GOCE Gridded SST and SGG Data
C. Tscherning

Gravity Field Analysis from Pre-Processed and Calibrated GOCE Observations: The Delft Approach
R. Klees, P. Ditmar & A. Van Eck van der Sluijs

Solid Earth

Chair: G. Balmino

Effects of Topographic and Isostatic Masses in Satellite Gravity Gradiometry
F. Wild & B. Heck

A Linear Algorithm for Computing the Spherical Harmonic Coefficients of the Gravitational Potential from a Constant Density Polyhedron
O. Jamet & E. Thomas

High-Harmonic Geoid Signatures due to Glacial Isostatic Adjustment, Subduction and Seismic Deformation
B. Vermeersen, H. Schotman, M.-W. Jansen, R. Riva & R. Sabadini

Gravity Field Determination Using Multiresolution Techniques
M. Schmidt, O. Fabert, C.K. Shum & S.-C. Han

The Use of GOCE Data for Detection and Classification of Mantle Plumes
G. Marquart

Poster Session

The T5 Ion Propulsion Assembly for Drag Compensation on GOCE
C.H. Edwards, N.C. Wallace, C. Tato & P. van Put

Comparison of some Methods for Modifying Stokes' Formula in the GOCE Era
J. Ĺgren & L.E. Sjöberg

Mean Dynamic Topography: Inter-Comparisons and Errors
R. Bingham & K. Haines

GOCE Gradients Validation by the Airborne Gradiometer and GRACE Measurements
J.B. Zielinski & J.K. Latka

Calibration/Validation of GOCE Data over Antarctica
R. Dietrich, M. Wiehl, M. Scheinert, C.K. Shum, A. Braun, S. Han, K. Shibuya, Y. Fukuda & T. Sato

Upward/Downward Continuation of Gravity Gradients for Precise Geoid Determination
G. Tóth, L. Földváry, I.N. Tziavos & J. Ádám

A Bayesian Approach to Invert GOCE Gravity Gradients
G. Pajot, M. Diament, M.-F. Lequentrec-Lalancette & C. Tiberi

Recovery of the Gravity Field Signal due to a low Viscosity Crustal Layer in Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models from Simulated GOCE Data
H.H.A. Schotman, P.N.A.M. Visser, L.L.A. Vermeersen & R. Koop

Gravity and Geoid in the Arctic Region – The Northern Polar Gap now Filled
R. Forsberg & S. Kenyon

Summaries and Recommendations

Summary and Recommendations for "Processing Algorithms up to the Geoid and Gravity Field"
J. Müller, R. Koop, R. Floberghagen, T. Gruber & E. Pavlis

Summary and Recommendations for "Solid Earth"
B. Vermeersen & R. Haagmans

Summary and Recommendations for "Oceanography and Synergy between Gravity and Altimetry"
M.-H. Rio, D. Stammer, P. Legrand, C. Hughes, P. Knudsen, K. Haines, M. Drinkwater & J. Benveniste


Day 1 - Goce Workshop Programme, Monday 8th March 2004
Day 2 - Goce Workshop Programme, Tuesday 9th March 2004
Day 3 - Goce Workshop Programme, Wednesday 10th March 2003
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