Chairs: E. Fielding, A. Smith & F. Sarti

Atmospheric Effects in SAR Interferometry, Implications on Interpretation and Modeling Surface Deformation: a Case Study of the 1999 (mw=7.4) Izmit Earthquake, Turkey
Ziyadin Çakir, Jean-Bernard De Chabalier, Alexis Rigo, Rolando Armijo

Land Motion
Chairs: H. Rott, C. Delacourt & T. Pearson

Small Baseline DIFSAR Techniques for Earth Surface Deformation Analysis
P. Berardino, F. Casu, G. Fornaro, R. Lanari, M. Manunta, M. Manzo, A. Pepe & E. Sansosti

Potential and Limitation of Ers-differential SAR Interferometry for Landslide Studies in the French Alps and Pyrenees
C. Delacourt, P. Allemand, C. Squarzoni, F. Picard, D. Raucoules & C. Carnec

The 1998 Sarno (Italy) Landslide from SAR Interferometry
Andrea Arturi, Fabio Del Frate, Emanuele Lategano, Giovanni Schiavon, Salvatore Stramondo

Support of Satellite Radar to Hazard Zone Mapping in the Italian Alps
K. Belitz, A. Corsini, V. Mair, T. Strizzi, U. Wegmüller & J. Zilger

Methodology and Techniques
Part 1 - Chairs: A. Monti Guarnieri, P. Durand & R. Cordey Part 2 ­ Chairs: T. Wright, A. Arnaud & R. Cordey

Modeling of Atmospheric Effects on Insar Measurements With the Method of Stochastic Simulation
Z. W. Li , X. L. Ding

Correcting Insar Data for Tropospheric Path Effects Over Volcanoes Using Dynamic Atmospheric Models
G. Wadge, P.W. Webley and N.F. Stevens

Insar-based Hydrology of the Everglades, South Florida
Shimon Wdowinski, Falk Amelung, Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Tim Dixon, and Richard Carande

Generation of Dem With Sub-metric Vertical Accuracy from 30' Ers-envisat Pairs
C. Colesanti, F. De Zan, A. Ferretti, C. Prati, F. Rocca

Radar Interferometry With Public Domain Tools
Bert M. Kampes, Ramon F. Hanssen, Zbigniew Perski

Insar Radargrammetry : a Solution to the Phase Integer Ambiguity Problem for Single Interferograms
Andrew Sowter, John Bennett

Review of the Impact of ERS-2 Piloting Modes on the SAR Doppler Stability
N.Miranda, B.Rosich, C. Santella, M. Grion

A Curvature Based Method for Combining Multi-temporal SAR Differential Interferometric Measurements
Mario Costantini, Federico Minati, and Luca Pietranera

ASAR Wide-swath Single-look Complex Products: Processing and Exploitation Potential
Ralph Cordey, Tim Pearson, Yves-Louis Desnos, Betlem Rosich-Tell

Chairs: C. Prati, D. Derauw & F.M. Seifert

A Comparative Study of Radar Stereo and Interferometry for DEM Generation
M. Gelautz, P. Paillou, C. W. Chen, H. A. Zebker

ERS SAR Interferometry for Tidal Flat DEMs
Joong-Sun Won and Sang-Wan Kim

Baseline Combination for Insar Dem Atimetric Resolution Enhancement
Dominique Derauw & Anne Orban

Problems and Solutions for Insar Digital Elevation Model Generation of Mountainous Terrain
M. Eineder

Long-term Differential Interferometry
Part 1 - Chairs: F. Rocca, B. Fruneau & M. Engdahl
Part 2 ­ Chairs: R. Bamler, A. Broquetas & M. Engdahl

Separation of Different Deformation Regimes Using Ps-insar Data
V.B.H. Ketelaar and R.F. Hanssen

Differential Interferometric Applications in Alpine Regions
Tazio Strozzi, Urs Wegmüller, Andreas Wiesmann, Andreas Kääb, Regula Frauenfelder , Charles Werner, Kaspar Graf, Hugo Rätzo , Olivier Lateltin

Linear and Non-linear Long-term Terrain Deformation With Dinsar (cpt: Coherent Pixels Technique)
Jordi J. Mallorquí, Oscar Mora, Pablo Blanco, Antoni Broquetas

Urban Deformation Monitoring in Bangkok Metropolitan (thailand) Using Permanent Scatterer and Differential Interferometry Techniques
Jirathana Worawattanamateekul, Dr. Jörn Hoffmann, Nico Adam, Bert Kampes

Conventional and Ps Differential SAR Interferometry for Monitoring Vertical Deformation Due to Water Pumping: the Haussmann-st-lazare Case Example (paris, France)
Bénédicte Fruneau, Benoît Deffontaines, Jean-Paul Rudant, Anne-Marie Le Parmentier, Carlo Colesanti, Stéphane Le Mouelic, Claudie Carnec and Alessandro Ferretti

Application of Permanent Scatterers on Mining-induced Subsidence
Michaela Kircher, Jörn Hoffmann, Achim Roth, Bert Kampes, Nico Adam and Horst J. Neugebauer

Long-term Subsidence Monitoring of City Areas At Nordic Latitudes Using Ers SAR Data
Tom R. Lauknes, Geir Engen, Kjell A. Høgda, Inge Lauknes, Torbjørn Eltoft, Dan J. Weydahl and Knut Eldhuset

Evaluating the Effect of the Observation Time on the Distribution of SAR Permanent Scatterers
Alessandro Ferretti, Carlo Colesanti , Daniele Perissin , Claudio Prati , and Fabio Rocca

Integration of Permanent Scatterers Analysis and High Resolution Optical Images Within Landslide Risk Analysis
P. Farina, D. Colombo, A. Fumagalli, E. Gontier, S. Moretti

Identification of the Location Phase Screen of Ers-envisat Permanent Scatterers
M. Arrigoni, C. Colesanti, A. Ferretti, D. Perissin, C. Prati, F. Rocca

Thematic Mapping
Chairs: J. Askne, J. Hoffmann & P. Bally

Snow Mass Retrieval By Means of SAR Interferometry
Helmut Rott, Thomas Nagler, Rolf Scheiber

Tree Height Estimation from Multi-temporal Ers SAR Interferometric Phase
Maurizio Santoro, Jan Askne, Patrik B. G. Dammert

Combining Insar and Optical Data to Detect Earthquake Damages
S. Stramondo, C. Bignami, N. Pierdicca

SAR Repeat-pass Coherence in Winter for Boreal Forest Applications: A First Comparison Between ASAR and JERS-1 SAR
Leif Eriksson, Thuy Le Toan, Andreas Wiesmann, Manuela Grippa, Urs Wegmüller, Christiane Schmullius

Envisat Interferometry for Mapping and Monitoring: Preliminary Results
A. Monti Guarnieri, D. Daria, C. Cafforio, P. Guccione, P. Pasquali, D. Nüesch, D. Small, E. Meier and Y. L. Desnos

Chairs: G. Wadge, P. Lundgren & F. Palazzo

Measuring the Rate of Lava Effusion By Insar

ERS InSAR Observations of Mt. Etna volcano: Magma inflation and radial spreading
P. Lundgren, F.Casu, M. Manzo, A. Pepe, P. Berardino, E. Sansosti, R. Lanari & P. Rosen

Crustal Deformation of the Alban Hills Volcanic Complex (central Italy) By Permanent Scatterers Analysis
C. Tolomei, S. Atzori, S. Salvi, J. Allievi, A. Ferretti, C. Prati, F. Rocca, S. Stramondo, N. Feuillet

Remote Sensing for Ground Deformation Analysis During the Eruptive Event of July 2001 At Mt. Etna
Alessandro Bonforte, Carlo Colesanti, Alessandro Ferretti, Francesco Guglielmino, Mimmo Palano, Claudio Prati, Giuseppe Puglisi and Fabio Rocca

Ice Motion
Chairs: A. Shepherd, J.J. Mohr & M. Drinkwater

Sar-interferometric Flow Velocities of Two Tidewater Glaciers in Nw Spitsbergen: Methods and Results
Zbigniew Perski, Jacek Jania, Manfred Stober

Full-value Mapping of Glacier Rheology Using Repeat Pass SAR Interferograms
Aleksey I. Sharov, Sven Etzold

Chairs: M. Zink & M. Werner

The TerraSAR-L Interferometric Mission Objectives
Manfred Zink

Achieving the Evinsar Objectives With Terrasar-l
G. Wadge, B.E. Parsons and the EVINSAR Science Team

Interferometric Performance of a Cartwheel Constellation for Terrasar-l
Manfred Zink, Gerhard Krieger, Thierry Amiot

L-band Ps Analysis: Jers-1 Results and Terrasar­l Predictions
Kenji Daito, Alessandro Ferretti, Shigeki Kuzuoka, Fabrizio Novali, Pietro Panzeri, Fabio Rocca

Poster Session
Chairs: J-P. Muller & K. Hoegda

Use of Insar for Monitoring of Mining Deformations
Andrew Jarosz and Dieter Wanke

SAR Interferometry With Terrasar-x
M. Eineder, H. Runge, E. Boerner, R. Bamler, N. Adam, B. Schättler, H. Breit, S. Suchandt

Comparison of Global and Local Approach to Phase Unwrapping for Rugged Terrain
Ludmila Zakharova

Differential Insar Studies in the Boreal Forest Zone in Finland
Kirsi Karila, Mika Karjalainen, Juha Hyyppä

Slow Deformation of Mt. Baekdu Stratovolcano Observed By Satellite Radar Interferometry
Sang-Wan Kim and Joong-Sun Won

Test of the Applicability of a Multitemporal Differential Interferometry Analysis to Landslide Studies in Peri-Urban Areas
J. Wasowski, F. Bovenga, D. Casarano, R. Nutricato & A. Refice

Detecting Coal Fires in China Using Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (insar)
¨ Jorn Hoffmann, Achim Roth, Stefan Voigt

Tropospheric Correction Techniques in Repeat-pass SAR Interferometry
Zhenhong Li, Jan-Peter Muller, and Paul Cross

3d Motion Recovery With Multi-angle And/or Left Right Interferometry
Fabio Rocca

Test for Applying SAR Interferometry on the Nyiragongo Area: Preliminary Results
Francesco Guglielmino, Mauro Coltelli e Giuseppe Puglisi

Radar Backscatter and Coherence Information Supporting High Quality Urban Mapping
Peter Fischer, Zbigniew Perski, Stefan Wannemacher

Deformation Measurement Using SAR Interferometry: Quantitative Aspects
Michele Crosetto, Erlinda Biescas, Ismael Fernández, Ivan Torrobella, Bruno Crippa

Optimised Mapping of Flood Extent and Floodplain Structures By Radar EO-methods
Ms. Edith Stabel and Prof. Dr. Ernst Löffler

IF Estimation Based on Wavelet Transform
Zhang Yanjie, Veronique Prinet

Study of Artificial and Natural Pss in the Area of Bear Lakes Calibration Site
A.I. Zakharov, P.A. Zherdev

SAR Interferometric Data Inversion: A Study about Numerical Approaches
G. Nunnari, G. Puglisi, F. Guglielmino, and F. Accetta

Detection of the Subsidence Affecting a Shopping Center in Marseilles (France) Using SAR Interferometry
D. Feurer, S. Le Mouelic, D. Raucoules, C. Carnec & J.-L. Nédellec

MINERVA: an INSAR Monitoring Service for Volcanic Hazard
Maria Lucia Tampellini, Eugenio Sansosti, Stefania Usai, Riccardo Lanari; Sven Borgstrom, Mark van Persie, G.P. Ricciardi, Vito Maddalena, Leopoldo Cicero, Antonio Pepe, Carlo Gavazzi

ASAR Interferometry at Piton de la Fournaise, Preliminary Results
J.-L. Froger, Y. Fukushima, P. Briole, T. Staudacher, T. Souriot, N. Villeneuve & J.-L. Cheminee

Interferometric Processing of Envisat-1/ASAR Image Mode and Alternating Polarisation Mode for Application in Land Cover and Crop Mapping.
Marek Mroz, Zbigniew Perski, Malgorzata Ciolkowska

Stepwise Approach to InSAR Processing of Multitemporal Datasets
A. Refice, F. Bovenga & R. Nutricato

Integrated Radar Interferometry for Ground Subsidence Monitoring
Linlin Ge, Hsing-Chung Chang, John Trinder, and Chris Rizos

Identification of Landslides in La Reunion Island With Jers-1 and Radarsat-1 Radar Interferometry
D. Raucoules, C. Carnec, M. Cruchet, C. Delacourt, D. Feurer & S. Le Mouélic

Development of a Procedure for Correcting and Reducing Unwrapping Artefacts Using a Set of Ers SAR Interferograms. Case of the September 7, 1999 Athens Earthquake
Panagiotis Elias, Olga Sykioti, Charalabos Kontoes, Antonio Avallone, Sebastien Van Gorp, Pierre Briole, Dimitris Paradissis

Correction of Local and Global Tropospheric Effects of Differential SAR Interferograms for the Study of Earthquake Phenomena
F. Chaabane, A. Avellone, F. Tupin, P. Briole & H. Maitre

Operational Process Interferometric for the Generation of a Digital Model of Ground Applied to the Couple of Images ERS-1 ERS-2 to the Area of Algiers
F. Hocine, M. Ouarzeddine, A. Belhadj-aissa, M. Belhadj-aissa, Y. Smara

Storm Forest Damage Mapping Based on VHR INSAR Data
C. Maire and H. Yésou

SAR Interferometry As a Tool for the Detection of Active Tectonic Regions: Preliminary Results on the Algarve Region of the South Portugal
Teresa A. Cunha and Francesco Sarti

High Resolution Differential Interferometry Using Time Series of ERS and Envisat SAR Data
J. Duro, J. Inglada, J. Closa, N. Adam, A. Arnaud

SLAM, a Service for Landslide Monitoring Based on EO-data
Paolo Manunta, Marcello Brugioni, Nicola Casagli, Davide Colombo, A. M. Deflorio, Paolo Farina, Alessandro Ferretti, Eric Gontier, Kaspar Graf, Jöerg Haeberle, Olivier Lateltin, Elisabetta Meloni, Raphael Mayoraz, Giovanni Montini, Sandro Moretti, Marc Paganini, Francesco Palazzo, Domenico Spina, Lorenzo Sulli, and Tazio Strozzi

Comparison of Dems Derived from Insar and Optical Stereo Techniques
Y.S. Rao and K.S. Rao

Space-borne and Ground-based SAR Interferometry for Landslide Activity Analysis and Monitoring in the Appennines of Emilia Romagna (italy): Review of Methods and Preliminary Results

Massimo Barbieri, Alessandro Corsini, Nicola Casagli, Paolo Farina, Franco Coren, Paolo Sterzai, Davide Leva, Dario Tarchi

a New Method for Baseline Calibration in SAR Interferometry
Mario Costantini, Federico Minati, Alessandro Quagliarini, and Giovanni Schiavon

Measuring Co-seismic Deformation of the Fandoqa (14/03/98 - Mw 6.6) and Zirkuh (10/05/97 - Mw 7.1) Earthquakes, Se Iran.
M. Peyret, B. Cadoul, J. Chéry

SAR Interferometry Monitoring of Landslides on the Stromboli Volcano
G. Antonello, N. Casagli, P. Farina, L. Guerri, D. Leva, G. Nico & D. Tarchi

Neural Networks to Retrieve Seismic Source Parameters By SAR Interferometry
Fabio Del Frate, Fabrizio Rossi, Giovanni Schiavon, Salvatore Stramondo

Application of Envisat/ASAR for Monitoring of Tropical Forest Plantation Biomass in Indonesia
M. A. Raimadoya, B.H. Trisasongko, D.R. Panuju, D. Shiddiq, and R. Maulida


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