Day 1 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 1st December
Day 2 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 2nd December
Day 3 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 3rd December
Day 4 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 4th December
Day 5 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 5th December
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Day 3, 3 December

[ Seed Questions ]
Chair: J-P. Muller and K. Hoegda
Separation of different deformation regimes using InSAR dataGini Ketelaar (Delft University of Technology, Faculty CiTG)
Differential interferometric applications in alpine regionsTazio Strozzi (GAMMA Remote Sensing)
Linear and Non-Linear Long-Term Terrain Deformation with DInSARJordi J. Mallorqui (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC))
Urban Deformation Monitoring in Bangkok Metropolitan (Thailand) using Differential Interferometry and the Permanent Scatterer TechniqueJirathana Worawattanamateekul (German Aerospace Center-DLR)
Conventional and PS differential SAR interferometry for monitoring vertical deformation due to water pumping: the Haussmann-St-Lazare case example (Paris, France)Bénédicte Fruneau (Université de Marne-la-Vallée)
This session concludes on day 4
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
Methodology: Longterm DInSAR
[ Seed Questions ]
Chair: F. Rocca, B. Fruneau, and M. Engdahl
Snow Mass Retrieval by means of SAR InterferometryHelmut Rott (University of Innsbruck)
Tree height estimation from multi-temporal ERS SAR interferometric phaseMaurizio Santoro (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena)
Combining InSAR and optical data to detect earthquake damagesSalvatore Stramondo (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia)
SAR repeat-pass coherence in winter for boreal forest applications. A first comparison of ASAR and JERS-1 SAR.Leif E. B. Eriksson (Friedrich-Schiller-University)
ENVISAT Interferometry for mapping and monitoring:preliminary resultsAndrea Monti Guarnieri (Politecnico di Milano)
12:40-13:00 Round Table SEED QUESTIONS
13:00-14:00 Lunch / Poster Mounting
[ Seed Questions ]
Chair: J-P. Muller and K. Hoegda
Use of InSAR for Monitoring of Mining DeformationsAndrew Jarosz (Curtin University of Technology)
High Resolution Differential Interferometry using time series of ERS and ENVISAT SAR dataJosep Closa (Altamira Information)
presented by Javier Duro Calvo
SAR Interferometry with TerraSAR-XMichael Eineder (DLR)
3D motion recovery from multiangle and/or left right interferometryFabio Rocca (Politecnico)
Study of artificial and natural PSs in the area Bear Lakes calibration siteAlexander Zakharov (IRE RAS)
Integrated Radar Interferometry for Ground Subsidence MonitoringLinlin Ge (University of New South Wales)
Measuring co-seismic deformation of the Fandoqa and Zirkuh earthquakes, SE Iran.Michel Peyret (LDL - CNRS)
InSAR Studies of Alaska VolcanoesZhong Lu (USGS EROS Data Center)
Neural Networks to Rretrieve Tectonic Acticity Parameters by SAR InterferometryFabio Del Frate (University of Tor Vergata)
Envisat-Indonesia Radar Biomass Experiment (EIRBEX)Mahmud Raimadoya (Bogor Agricultural University)
Response of Mertz Glacier, East Antarctica, to tidal forcingAnja Poetzsch (TU Dresden)
Joint inversions of ERS-InSAR and long-period seismic dataGareth Funning (COMET)
Comparison of Global and Local Approach to Phase Unwrapping for Rugged Terrain Ludmila Zakharova (IRE RAS)
Slow Deformation of Mt. Baekdu Stratovolcano Observed by Satellite Radar InterferometrySang-Wan Kim (Yonsei University)
'Test of applicability of Permanent Scatterers technique to landslide investigations in peri-urban areas'Janusz Wasowski (CNR)
Detecting coal fires in China using differential interferometric sythetic aperture radar (InSAR)Jörn Hoffmann (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
Tropospheric Correction Techniques in repeat-pass SAR InterferometryZhenhong Li (University College London)
Test for applying SAR Interferometry on the Nyiragongo area: preliminary resultsFrancesco Guglielmino (INGV)
Radar backscatter and coherence information supporting high quality urban mappingPeter Fischer (University of Applied Sciences Trier)
Deformation control using SAR interferometry: quantitative aspectsMichele Crosetto (Institut de Geomàtica)
Optimized mapping of flood extent and floodplain structures by radar EO-methodsEdith Stabel (Saarland University)
Using multiple crossing orbits to dispense with the assumption of surface parallel ice flowAndrew Ford (University of Utah)
InSAR monitoring of ground subsidence near the All American Canal, Calexico/MexicaliAndrew Ford (University of Utah)
Differential SAR Interferometry to Study the 1993 Latur (India) EearthquakeSatyabala Sripati (NATIONAL GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE)
A New Interferogram Flattening MethodYanjie Zhang (National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition)
A Precise Baseline Estimation Method Based on Non-stationary Signal AnalysisYanjie Zhang (National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition(NLPR))
IF Estimation in the Interferograms Using Wavelet TransformationYanjie Zhang (National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition)
Ground deformation analysis in Paris using a multi-interferogram Least-Squares approachStephane Le Mouélic (BRGM)
presented by Denis Feurer
SAR Interferometric Data Inversion: A Study on Numerical ApproachesGiuseppe Puglisi (Ist. Naz. Geofisica e Vulcanologia)
Regional deformation in the Central Apennines retrieved by the SBAS IFSAR technique: first resultsSimone Atzori (INGV)
Detection of the Subsidence Affecting a Shopping Center in Marseilles (France) Using SAR InterferometryDenis Feurer (BRGM)
MINERVA: an INSAR monitoring service for volcanic hazardMaria Lucia Tampellini (Carlo Gavazzi Space)
presented by R Lanari
The combined use of InSAR and GPS data for deformation studies in the Vrancea area in RomaniaWouter Van der Wal (DEOS - TU Delft)
ASAR Interferometry at Piton de la Fournaise, Preliminary ResultsJean-Luc Froger (Lab. Magmas & Volcans, IRD-UR31)
Interferometric Processing of ENVISAT-1 /ASAR/Image Mode and Alternating Polarisation Mode for Application in Land Cover and Crop MappingMarek Mroz (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn)
Grounding line detection and ice flow characteristics in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, based on ERS SAR interferometry and airborne ice thickness soundingWolfgang Rack (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Res.)
Stepwise Approach to InSAR Processing of Multitemporal DatasetsAlberto Refice (CNR)
Identification of landslides in La Reunion Island with JERS and Radarsat radar interferometryDaniel Raucoules (BRGM)
Long-term subsidence monitoring of city areas at Nordic latitudes using ERS SAR data: preliminary results Tom Rune Lauknes (NORUT Information Technology Ltd.)
Horizontal velocity field, strain and grounding zone location for the area of the Nivlisen ice shelf, Dronning Maud Land.Michael Baessler (Dresden University of Technology)
Development of a procedure for correcting and reducing unwrapping artefacts using a set of ERS SAR interferograms. Case of the September 9, 1999 Athens EarthquakePanagiotis Elias (National Observatory of Athens)
Evolution of snowpack conditions monitored with high-temporal resolution InSARRichard Forster (University of Utah)
Operational Interferometric Process for the Generation of a Digital Terrain ModelYoucef Smara (USTHB)
presented by M. Ouarzeddine
SAR Data For Antarctica ObservationMassimo Marrazzo (University of Cagliari)
Storm Forest Damage Mapping Based on VHR INSAR Data Herve Yesou (SERTIT)
SAR Interferometry as a Tool for the Detection of Active Tectonic Regions: Preliminary Results on the Algarve Region of the South of PortugalTeresa A. Cunha (Instituto Geológico e Mineiro)
SLAM, a Service for Landslide Monitoring Based on EO-DataPaolo Manunta (Planetek Italia s.r.l.)
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
Identification of zones of mobile dunes in desert and sahelian areas, Draa Valley (Morocco) and Damagaram (Niger).Marc Salmon (Université de Liège)
Analysis of Permanent Scatterers in a seismic area.Marc Salmon (Université de Liège)
Comparison of Softwares for InSAR ApplicationsS. Yalamanchili Rao (Indian Institute of Technology)
Comparison of DEMs Derived from InSAR and IRS-1C Optical Stereo TechniquesS. Yalamanchili Rao (Indian Institute of Technology)
Crustal deformation and fault slip during the seismic cycle in the North Chile subduction zone, from GPS and ERS-SAR observationsJean-Bernard De Chabalier (Institut de Physique du Globe)
The Crustal Deformation Measurement of Some Strong Earthquake at Some Key Parts since 1993 in China Mainland using D-InSARJingfa Zhang (Peking University)
Remote Monitoring of the Earthquake Cycle using Satellite Radar InterferometryTim J Wright (COMET)
SAR Interferometry for Landslide Monitoring in the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)Alessandro Corsini (Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia)
A New Method for Baseline Calibration in SAR InterferometryMario Costantini (Telespazio S.p.A)
SAR interferometry monitoring of landslides on the Stromboli volcanoPaolo Farina (University of Firenze)
16:20-18:20 Free Poster


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