Day 1 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 1st December
Day 2 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 2nd December
Day 3 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 3rd December
Day 4 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 4th December
Day 5 - Fringe Workshop Programme, 5th December
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Day 2, 2 December

Methodology: General
[ Seed Questions ]
Chair: R. Bamler, A. Broquetas, and M. Engdahl
Modeling of Atmospheric Effects in InSAR measurements with the Method of Stochastic SimulationXiaoli Ding (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Correcting InSAR for tropospheric path effects over volcanoes using dynamic atmospheric modelsGeoff Wadge (University of Reading)
A methodological approach to reduce the tropospheric effects in the ERS SAR interferograms: application to the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) regionAntonio Avallone (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
InSAR-based hydrology of the Everglades, South FloridaShimon Wdowinski (University of Miami)
Generation of DEM with sub-metric vertical accuracy from 30' ERS-ENVISAT pairsClaudio Prati (POLIMI)
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
Radar Interferometry with Public Domain ToolsBert Kampes (DLR)
InSAR Radargrammetry : A Solution to the Phase Integer Ambiguity Problem for Single InterferogramsAndrew Sowter (University of Nottingham)
Realistic Error Modelling for InSARTim J Wright (COMET)
Delta-K InSAR Technique for Snow Water Equivalent RetrievalGeir Engen (Norut Informasjonsteknologi AS)
presented by Kjell Arild Hoegda
12:20-13:00 Round Table SEED QUESTIONS
13:00-14:00 Lunch
Methodology and Techniques (cont) Chair: T Wright and A Arnaud
Review of the Impact of ERS-2 Piloting Modes on the SAR Doppler StabilityNuno Miranda (Serco)
A Curvature Based Method for Processing of Multi-Temporal SAR Differential Interferometric MeasurementsMario Costantini (Telespazio S.p.A)
15:00-15:40 Round Table SEED QUESTIONS
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break
Ice and snow
[ Seed Questions ]
Chair: A. Shepherd, J.J. Mohr, and M. Drinkwater
A Comparative Study of Radar Stereo and Interferometry for DEM GenerationMargrit Gelautz (Vienna University of Technology)
ERS SAR Interferometry for Tidal Flat DEMJoong-Sun Won (Yonsei University)
Baseline combination for InSAR DEM atimetric resolution enhancementDominique Derauw (Centre Spatial de Liege)
Quality assessment of X- and C-SRTM with ERS-tandem DEMs over 4 European CEOS WGCV test sites.Jan-Peter Muller (University College London)
Problems and Solutions for InSAR DEM Generation of Mountainous TerrainMichael Eineder (DLR)
17:40-18:20 Round Table SEED QUESTIONS


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